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The agenda will follow, the three interesting topics on DevOps:

How ‘DevOps’ was strangling Test Automation - a case study

DevOps is all about shortening cycle time. Feedback is of course an essential component in all this and manual testing is simply too slow. That’s where test automation comes in: faster feedback, preferably from a pipeline. But however sensible a pipeline with integrated test automation sounds, for many teams it is still far off. l'll examine a situation at one of our largest banks where I was employed in a domain with several teams working on an application dealing with payments. The management wanted test automation, but no matter how hard they pushed, every attempt was a disaster. Their belief was that everyone should work in a ‘DevOps’ way: Dev and Ops were merged, everyone declared a ‘DevOps’ engineer and the responsibilities for each team just exploded into areas they had zero experience in. Test Automation was one of the victims of this approach: divided attention, barebones test frameworks and a lot of disappointment.
Join me in the examination I conducted and the solution I implemented that caused the success and quality of automated feedback to soar. This case was a turning point for my career, and I’ve improved many similar situations at clients since.

Vincent Wijnen is a passionate consultant dealing with everything feedback related. He is an experienced speaker at both local and international conferences, and enjoys transferring these perspectives to a wider audience to amaze and inspire.

Scrum Isn't Enough, Why DevOps is essential for Agile success

Scrum, and to a lesser extent, other agile frameworks, get the bulk of the attention in the "Agile Transformation" space. But Scrum simply isn't enough for Agile success. Based in large part on my recent experience leading Bugaboo's eCommerce team to a more DevOps-centric approach, this talk will touch on the strengths of Scrum, as a starting point into the topic of the areas where Scrum is lacking. In particular, Scrum has little to say about the specific technical practices, habits, and technologies to be used in an Agile organization. This is where DevOps can fill in the gap.

I will use a generic organizational chart as an illustration of where Scrum typically fits into the picture, and the areas it adequately covers. I'll then extend the org chart to include physical assets, and explain how DevOps fills in the missing pieces between "Project Management" practices, "Operations", and physical assets. This aspect of the presentation is based closely on a (successful) pitch I gave internally to management at Bugaboo, to make the case for a DevOps transformation.
I will then go through Bugaboo as a case study, to make the theory more concrete, with real-world examples of how Bugaboo's DevOps transformation encompassed developers, product owners, scrum masters, management, QA, and our AWS engineers, and the actual improvements to productivity.

Jonathan Hall has been an Agile practitioner for essentially his entire career. He recently managed the eCommerce team at Bugaboo, where he leads them through a transition from a "Flaccid" Scrum-only approach, to a more holistic Scrum/DevOps approach.

What is DevOps? And what could that be of value to you?

An interactive workshop with a lot of fun and energy about your own learnings and others on the subject of DevOps.
• We will start with a brief explanation about DASA/ DevOps
• You will interact with others about your own DevOps journey
• You will go away with at least one improvement for yourself and your team, that you can start implementing the next day.

Speakers are Jeroen Kooistra: An experienced Agile DevOps coach (CEO, trainer and speaker) coaching DevOps teams for years. He likes to give pragmatic advice so that you will learn in small steps.
And Martin de Ruiter, a guy passionate about coaching teams and organizations, that loves the ideas behind the Agile and DevOps mindset.