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This group is for developers and testers to explore agile engineering and testing practices. If you are a hands-on developer or tester working on any technologies like java, .net, ruby, python, node.js, angularjs, php, scala etc then welcome to join. Not a hands-on guy but wanted to learn? Join us to learn new skills through collaboration. We explore development, testing and deployment practices.

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Calling Women in Agile and Tech to join India Office

Hello Wonderful Women in Agile and Tech, For almost 4 years, we are interacting with Women Agilists and Leaders in our meetups (Lean, DevOps, Agile, Scaled Agile, Atlassian, and recently BAM). Their challenges are different from that of men. And so, in 2018, under AgilityToday umbrella we started our first event of WomenInAgile. Last year our Agenda was to “Deep dive into their needs and challenges”. We found that addressing needs in one session will not be possible, an engagement is required. Also it’s not just about Women in Agile, but is needed for all Women in Tech. So in 2019 we launched 10 weeks mentorship program for our fellow Women in Agile and Tech, with the help of our Leaders in Agile and Tech. What going forward - 1) Efforts and outcome of WAT mentorship program will be shared in 9 March WAT event called “DREAM BIG”. 2) Our Mentorship program received 153 applications, and as pilot we are proceeding with mentorship for 17 applications. But we want help all our fellow WATs, and so we are formally establishing our Women in Agile and Tech (WAT) India office. It will be launched in “DREAM BIG” event. 3) WE ARE CALLING FOR OFFICERS PAN INDIA. So if you can run the show in your city: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScR8Cly-ImFg4CsOlMI6eLHlz9LOQKzkcT3wpJl7ltGUzPgdA/viewform?usp=sf_link 4) Officers and their city level initiatives will be announced in DREAM BIG event 5) Why do we call our WAT 2019 event “DREAM BIG”? Come and experience it with Jisha Sharma and Deepti Jain’s very special workshop that will help you break your limiting thoughts and DREAM BIG! So join us for DREAM BIG event dear Women in Agile and Tech. NOTE: With AgilityToday UnConf Pass, you can register for DREAM BIG event for FREE, all you need is Invoice Number. So even if you are not coming for AT2019, you can use Invoice number of any of your male friend/colleague who is going to AT2019. Book seats here: https://agilitytoday.com/womeninagile.html Thanks, Deepti

Agile Coaching Camp India 2019

Sheraton Grand Bangalore Hotel at Brigade Gateway

2019 is Special year for Agile Coaches, specially in India, as this year Bangalore is Host city for Agile Coaching Camp (ACC). What is so special about ACCIndia2019? 1) It's in India - Bangalore, so Coaches in India can take advantage. 2) No entry FEE! 3) It's adjacent to AgileIndia2019, and so if you have time, you can club the experience. 3) Co-creators Deborah Hartmann Preuss and Naresh Jain along with Ellen Grove, Sandeep Shetty and a number of other participants from the very first Agile Coach Camp (of 2008) are joining. You wanna join? Keeping the spirit from the very first coach camp, Agile Coach Camp India 2019 will be free of charge to attend, however, your price of admission is a position paper. Please submit your position paper before Jan 31st. Here are simple steps to apply: 1) Log In to: https://agilecoachcamp.org 2) First times use code "acc2011", and create account, and login. 3) Click "Edit" to add your position paper to below page, then save: https://agilecoachcamp.org/tiki-index.php?page=AgileCoachCampIndia2019 This will generate your Link of Position Paper. 3) Click the link you made to add your brief answers to these questions: --> What's your experience coaching teams toward being Agile? --> What do you plan to learn/explore at this conference? --> How do you plan to contribute? And that's it. You have done your bit responsibility. 4) By Feb 15th, you'll be reached out for next steps. For any questions/concerns mail to [masked] What is AgileCoachingCamp? For those who don't know, Agile Coach Camp is a series of independent, not-for-profit, practitioner-run events. It was created in 2008 by co-creators Deborah Hartmann Preuss and Naresh Jain. And since inception, it's been more than 100 ACC, in 4 continents! Why is it called AgileCoachCamp? The *camp concept is to create a simple, cheap, participant-centric conference with no talking heads and HUGE energy because it focuses on exactly what we want to talk about. We no longer need to wait for "someone" to organise a conference - we can do it ourselves! Who should attend? We are looking for passionate and responsible individuals - Coaches, Change Agents, Mentors, and Leaders, who are actively engaged in transforming teams and/or organisations. It does not matter what's on your business card - if you value peer-to-peer learning and if status quo makes you sick then this event is for you.

What do you understand by Business Agility?

Lemon Tree Hotel Limited

In this Business Agility Meetup, let's understand what it is, and how it can benefit us. You can bring in your understanding and Stories of Business Agility. Let's operate in an Open Space fashion. I shall bring my understanding and story, hope you too bring.

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