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Measure Beyond Agile Workshop

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Do you want to be agile beyond measure? Then measure beyond agile!

Business agility is about continuous ability of the organisation to sense changes in the environment and to design and change itself accordingly. As the business environment is increasingly turbulent, the organisation’s capacity and capability to develop competencies that flexibly address change is of increasing importance. This calls for sensitivity to weak signals, ability to interpret their significance to business, and speed to decide on and execute organisational change.

While agile development principles – self-organisation, collaboration and agile adjustment to the changing customer needs – have increased the speed-to-market, enhanced customer experience, made more efficient use of resources, and improved quality, these agile methods do not let themselves to be linearly scaled to the enterprise level. Business agility is about rapid response to the opportunities and threats of the environment. Going beyond “agile” (in traditional sense), it calls for integration and “agile logic” across all organisational concerns: strategy, structure, governance, processes, practices, etc.

Management thinker Peter Drucker is often quoted as saying that “you can't manage what you can't measure.” To manage and develop business agility requires appropriate diagnostic tools to measure it along pertinent dimensions. In this workshop, Dr. Janne J. Korhonen will discuss the systemic underpinnings of business agility and present a practicable framework and tool to measure it.You will get a peek of the tool and have a chance to apply a subset thereof to your own organisation.

Speaker Bio

Dr. Janne J. Korhonen is an international organization design consultant, enterprise architect, researcher, and digital strategist. He brings more than twenty years of experience in a variety of extensive, mission-critical and international projects.

With a strong theoretical background in information systems, management science, organizational research and developmental psychology, he brings a unique inter­disciplinary perspective of the anatomy of the organization in terms of business and IT architectures, governance structures and organizational behaviour.

Korhonen leverages research insights and leading edge practices to facilitate systemic co-development of technological, organizational and individual capabilities. His interventions aim at transformational vertical development with the potential of order-of-magnitude gains.


00:00 Introductions, expectations, objectives
00:15 Agile Manifesto and Manifestations of Agile
Agile at Scale vs. Business Agility
01:00 Exercise: Agile Vision and Reality
01:15 Break
01:30 Agile Logic
Requisite Agility
02:15 Exercise: Is your organization agile enough?
02:30 Measuring Agile Enterprise
Business Agility Survey
03:15 Trying out Business Agility Survey in practice
03:45 Wrap-up

• Insights into measuring enterprise-level agility
• Mini-workbook to kick off your agile roadmap
• Preview of Business Agility Survey