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What we’re about

The Melbourne Chapter of the Australian General Semantics Society welcomes all people interested in General Semantics as formulated by Alfred Korzybski in his book entitled "Science and Sanity." We are directly affiliated with the core AGS group based in Sydney. We regularly discuss GS literature both recent and historical, formulations, philosophies, etc., and its applications to one's daily life.

If you are familiar with NLP, REBT, Ericksonian hypnosis, media ecology, radical constructivism, Non-Aristotelianism, philosophy, Gestalt therapy and/or the work of Robert Anton Wilson, Gregory Bateson, Neil Postman, William S. Burroughs and/or A.E. Van Vogt etc., then this discussion group may interest you!

A description of GS: ... a deliberate and consciously abstract point-of-view, based on a scientific approach to language-as-behaviour. We can describe it as the study of how we perceive, construct, evaluate, and communicate our life experiences.


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