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What we’re about

Ahmedabad Test Automation Meetup Group is an association of Automation testing enthusiasts, journeymen, masters and grandmasters who keep each other informed about innovations related to the software QA and testing industry. The objective of this Meetup is to promote a common platform where people can share their insights and develop an edge when it comes to automated testing. This group brings together thought leaders and technology specialists in automated testing for a hands-on exposure to coding, tool sets, automattion methodologies, best practices and cutting-edge solutions.

Our Manifesto:

• Educate people about Automated testing

• Promote the use of Automation testing technologies

• Provide a venue for discussion and exchange of ideas

• Provide mentoring opportunities for group members

• Address technical challenges & issues across automated testing

• create a community for automated test engineer.

• produce the best automated testing competence on the planet!

Our meetup is primarily technical & non technical in nature. As our belief is community participation. We welcome your involvement, ideas and help. Feel free to bring a presentation, a demo, flyers, make an announcement, or ask questions.

KiwiQA is leading independent QA and Testing company in ahmedabad. We are initiating the Ahmedabad Test Automation Meetup group to bring such like-minded technology focused professionals, students, beginneer in QA and Testing industry under one roof. Together, we want to learn, teach and explore the endless possibilities in today’s technology centric world.