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This group is for anyone interested in the Open-Source CMS platform WordPress. These WordPress Meetups take place around Ahmedabad & Gandhinagar on a monthly basis. The meetups are informal and open to everyone from user to developer to designer.

We follow the "Five Good Faith Rules":

• WordPress Meetups are for the benefit of the WordPress community as a whole, not specific businesses or individuals. All actions taken as an event organizer are with the best interest of the community in mind.

• Membership in the local meetup group is open to all who wish to join, regardless of ability, skill, financial status or any other criteria. •

• Meetups are volunteer-run with volunteer speakers. In cases where a modest attendance fee might be necessary, this fee should only cover the costs of the meetup and shouldn’t be used to pay speakers or organizers.

• Meetup groups allow events to be organized by any reliable/trusted member of the community. •

• Meetups are welcoming places where everyone works to foster an accepting environment which is free of discrimination, incitement to violence, promotion of hate, and general jerk-like behavior.

(source: make.wordpress.org/community/meetups/)

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August 2019 WordPress Ahmedabad Meetup

Ganpat University City Office and Information Centre

Hello WPFolks, Our Next Meetup for August 2019 is on 25th August 2019, Sunday. ------------------------------------ First Session ------------------------------------ Topic ===== 1. WordPress Consultation Tips: Maintain Balance Between Technical Skill & Communication Topic Description: =========== This topic will cover, How to communicate effectively in simple English and use-less technical terms when you are discussing with internal or external stack holders? The balance between technical skill and effective communication will make life easy for all stakeholders. Speakers ========== Nirmal Desai ============= Second session ================= Topic ===== 2. How to Create a Simple WooCommerce Payment Gateway Topic Description: =========== In this topic Nishit will guide how to create simple payment gateway plugin using extending a WooCommerce class. Speaker =============== Nishit Langaliya Location ======== TBD

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July 2019 WordPress Ahmedabad Meetup

ViitorCloud Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

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