March 2017 WP Meetup @ ABD


Hello Friends

Our Next Meetup for March 2017 on 19th March 2017 i.e. Third Sunday.

Agenda for the Meetup is as follows.

(1) Session over "Giving Back To WordPress - Part 2 - Contribute to WordPress Core"

There are almost 14 different projects where you can contribute to WordPress. This session will be Part 2 session in our "Giving Back To WordPress" series. It will be a detailed session on how one can contribute to WordPress Core Project.

2) Group Session over "Expert's Talk about All Thing WordPress"

This time we are implementing a new approach in our meetup. We are planning to arrange a Group Session, where WordPress experts will be available on stage to share their views on a particular point/question by the audience.

Thus, we invite all the meetup members/attendees to post their question or any topic they want us to discuss on. You can post your topic as comment on this meetup page.

Each session will be of 45 Min Session + 15 Min Q/A Or Discussion = 1 Hour