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What we’re about

Artificial Intelligence is already changing life as we know it: Today we have self-driving cars, Jeopardy beating computers, virtual assistants, you name it. AI is entering every field: automotive, airplanes, engineering, medtech, infrastructure, travel,...

That’s why we’ve founded Copenhagen AI where we hope to create a space for people enthusiastic about Artificial Intelligence and its potential.

Our aim is to attract smart people who are willing to share their thoughts with other like-minded individuals and people new to the space of AI and Machine Learning. Hopefully the community will grow into a melting pot of developers, designers, futurist, technologist, philosophers and interesting people in general, who are all interested in a better and smarter tomorrow.
We’ll meet once a month where we will try to do a mix of open-mic sessions, AMA’s, keynotes, workshops and hacktons. We’ll also be doing startup pitch nights, arrange hangouts with experts from abroad, discuss books and drink some beers along the way.

So if you are in to stuff like:
• Artificial Intelligence, Artificial Life, and Artificial Intuition
• How to design the world of tomorrow
• Singularity
• Robotics and Robot Ethics
• Speech recognition
• Social Science
• Natural Language Processing
* Bayesian networks
* Support vector machines
• Complexity theory
• Model theory / Model Free Methods
• Semantic Web
• Ontology based systems
• Linguistics, Document understanding, and Semantics
• Evolutionary Computation
• Computer Consciousness
• Neuroscience,
• Connectome Algorithms
• Human Learning, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning
• Epistemology

Then this community is for you!

We’ll touch on business applications and markets as well as doing tech talks and workshops.

We are looking forward to meeting you!