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"Learn by Practicing". Join us to learn and practice AI, Machine learning, Deep learning and Data Science technology together with like-minded developers.

Due to the Covid-19, we have moved all our meetup events online: https://www.aicamp.ai/event/events

Our goal is to congregate with AI enthusiasts from all over Sao Paulo to learn and practice AI tech, through tech talks, workshops, code labs, hackathons, tech conferences, etc.. we regularly invite tech leads from innovated companies, successful startups to share latest in AI, practical experiences and best practices. We also invite speakers from all of the world to speak in-person or online and learn AI together with developers from all over the world

If you’d like to speak at future meetups, co-promote your meetup or inquire about partnership opportunities, please feel free to reach out to us.

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Upcoming events (5)

Ray Summit 2021 - Scaleble ML and Python (Free virtual conference)

** Register and attend link: https://www.aicamp.ai/event/eventdetails/W2021062208
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This is a three-days, free virtual interactive event. Ray Summit brings together developers, AI&ML engineers, data scientists & architects to build scalable AI and machine learning systems. Topics include:
* Top AI and Machine Learning trends.
* ML in production & MLOps.
* Deep Learning & Reinforcement learning.
* End-to-End AutoML, Distributed XGBoost and Massive-scale ML.
* Building highly available & scalable application in the cloud
* Petabyte-Scale Data Lake
* Cloud computing, serverless & more.

Featured Speakers:
* Eric Brewer, Google Fellow and Professor Emeritus, UC Berkeley.
* Marvin Theimer, Distinguished Engineer, Amazon Web Services.
* Matt Johnson, Research Scientist, Google Brain.
* Dawn Song, Professor EECS, UC Berkeley.
* Sarah Bird, Principal Program Manager, Azure AI Microsoft.
* Sahika Genc, Principal Applied Scientist, Amazon AI.
* Michael Mui, Senior Software Engineer, Uber ML.
* Raghu Ganti, Principal Research Staff Member, IBM.
* Wei Chen, Deep Learning Software Engineer, NVIDIA.
* Edi Palencia, Principal AI Engineer, Microsoft.
* and 50 more

*** Details: https://www.aicamp.ai/event/eventdetails/W2021062208

Scikit-learn Open Source Sprint (Latin America)

Online event

** RSVP and Details:

This event is hosted by Data Umbrella.
We are excited to announce our 2021 scikit-learn open source sprint! The scikit-learn sprint is a hands-on "hackathon" where we work on issues in the scikit-learn GitHub repo and learn to contribute to open source.

This event is by application, and applications are processed on a rolling basis.

-- COST --
Visit the website for details and rsvp:

Democratize Data and Scale Augmented Analytics with Integrated AI

** Register and attend link:

Join this free webinar panel for actionable strategies to to effectively democratize data and scale augmented analytics. This will be an open discussion with speakers from AWS Amazon Redshift, Datarobot, DataPrime, and the AtScale Solution Engineering team.
You will learn about:
* Democratizing data: making data as consumable as possible while also governed.
* Augmented Analytics: scaling machine learning, augmented, predictive and prescriptive analysis strategies.
* Integrating AI and BI: sharing AI/ML model outputs with enterprise BI teams.
* Data Literacy: the role of a semantic layer as part of a broader data fabric support self-service BI and scalable data science programs.

Featured speakers:
* Gal Barnea, Database Engineering Lead, AWS Amazon Redshift.
* Jay Schuren, VP Customer Success, DataRobot.
* Kirk Borne, Ph.D., Chief Science Officer, DataPrime, Inc.
* Daniel Gray, VP Solutions Engineering, AtScale.
* Dave Mariani, Co-founder & CTO, AtScale.

Session 2: workshop on summarize and find actionable insights from textual data

** Register and attend link: https://www.aicamp.ai/event/eventdetails/W2021063010

When you have a large collection of texts representing people’s opinions, such as product reviews, survey answers or social media, it is difficult to understand the key issues that come up in the data. Existing automated approaches are often limited to identifying recurring phrases or concepts and the overall sentiment toward them, but do not provide detailed or actionable insights.
In this workshop, we will show how to use Project Debater Early Access Program services for analyzing and deriving insights from answers to open-ended question. As an example, we will use Project Debater to analyze a collection of comments, from a community survey conducted in the city of Austin, and summarize it as a small set of key points

This is second session of the IBM AI tech talk series.
* Session 1 (June 16th): Project Debater- From an AI debating system to business applications

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