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What we’re about

Our group is aimed at fostering innovation with AI, entrepreneurship, and personal development.

We welcome anyone passionate about startups, networking, self-improvement, and, of course, AI.

Our dynamic events blend business, technology, and creativity, offering a unique platform for sharing ideas and collaboration.

Join us for pitch nights to present your business ideas, educational events, improv theater workshops to boost your communication skills, and networking mixers to forge valuable connections.

We also host guest speakers from the worlds of entrepreneurship, AI, and personal development, providing insights into the latest trends and opportunities.

Whether you're on the brink of the next AI breakthrough, crafting innovative strategies, or seeking personal and professional growth, our meetups are designed to keep you at the cutting edge.

Dive into a world where business meets creativity, and connect with like-minded professionals leading the AI revolution.

The AI Frontier Network (AIFN) is an initiative sponsored by AI Time Journal, a leading publication exploring how artificial intelligence can bring more wealth and health to the world. The aim of AIFN is to foster a community dedicated to staying ahead of the curve in the age of AI. To learn more, visit

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