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#92nd airhacks.tv Questions and Answers

Online event

Live and interactive questions & answers show. All questions from this group, github gist:


are going to be answered.

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Playing with Infrastructure as Java Code (IaC) on AWS - the CDK

Java is not only an excellent language for the development of serverless applications; you can also use Java to provision the AWS cloud resources. With Java, you get a highly productive Infrastructure as Code (IaC) environment. In this slideless session, I will provision popular AWS resources with Java, Maven, and Visual Studio Code. Your questions are highly appreciated.

Register: https://www.dev-con.ro/speakers/39-Adam+Bien

This session is going to be streamed from: https://myconnector.ro/virtual/devcon-live-2021/875/agenda/11277

I'm also going to stream this session privately, in low resolution, and without chat. The link to the stream becomes visible after registration.

For nicer experience register, attend the conference and ask me questions live :-)

CI/CD, Testing, Observability and Resiliency on AWS: airhacks.live

Online event


"Building robust and observable applications on AWS with time saving tests "


estable Infrastructure as Code
local testing for AWS cloud
using AWS CloudWatch, AWS CloudTrail, AWS X-Ray, for FaaS and microservice monitoring
CI/CD pipelines with AWS CodeBuild, CodeDeploy and CodePipeline
logging and debugging with CloudWatch
notifications with Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS)
Amazon Managed Service for Prometheus

checkout: https://workshops.adam-bien.com/testing.htm for more information / up to date agenda.

See other workshops: https://airhacks.live

Serverless Java on AWS Cloud: airhacks.live

Online event


In case you need an invoice with VAT, please use: https://airhacks.live registration form.

This workshop focusses on building Java / MicroProfile / Jakarta EE applications on AWS serverless compute, storage services and serverless databases.

We will start with serverless containers and conclude with AWS Lambda (FaaS) workflows.

Checkout details / full agenda: https://workshops.adam-bien.com/serverless-aws.htm

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How to build a great, serverless, cloud-native monolith

Online event

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