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• online Java User Groups, conference sessions and tech talks.

• Jakarta EE, MicroProfile, Java, Cloud, Software Architecture and Web Components / web platform workshops at MUC Airport https://airhacks.com and live virtual events https://airhacks.live

• The free, monthly Questions & Answers show: https://airhacks.tv (first Monday of the month, 8pm CET) is also going to be announced here

• "The Big Airhacks Debate" (the BAD show), free, full-duplex, bi-directional, interactive, live, occasional with highly limited seats. In this event we focus on a single topic.

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CODE Frenzy: Lean, Fast, Productive - IaC for Serverless Java on AWS

Link visible for attendees

It is a free event. For best experience register here: https://codefrenzy.pl/#agenda

Great IDE support, shareable infrastructure modules, and treating the infrastructure as "business" code is the "Java way" of building cloud applications with a few lines of code. In this session, I will discuss the minimalistic Java approach with CDK v2, IaC, Maven, Visual Studio Code to provision serverless applications with lots of code and live deployments. Your questions are highly appreciated.

I'm also going to stream this session privately, in low resolution, without chat, and to max 15 registered attendees only. The link to the stream becomes visible after registration.
For the best experience register, use the conference platform: https://codefrenzy.pl/#agenda

Сloud Builders: Java Patterns and Practices for Serverless Applications

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Checkout agenda: https://www.cloud-builders.tech/#agenda-1

How to create a self-provisioned serverless application with Java? What is the granularity of a function? What is the difference between a function and a microservice? Are synchronous functions an anti-pattern? How to efficiently structure Java applications’ business and IaC code. I will discuss “working” practices and patterns with code and live deployments in this code-focussed session. Attendees’ questions are highly appreciated!

DCD Keynote: To Cloud Or Not To Cloud What Is The Architectural Difference?

In-person only. Registration: https://dc-nordoberpfalz.de/digital-crafts-day.php

## Digital Crafts Day - by DCN

### Keynote: To Cloud Or Not To Cloud What Is The Architectural Difference?

Decoupling, high modularity, strict API / SPI separation, vendor independence, standards, and support contracts are essential in on-premise architectures but are often even counter-productive for cloud-native architectures.
I will create a Java service from scratch, run and test it locally, in container environments, and as AWS Lambda. Same code base, minimal code, no YAML, and the same APIs on different runtimes. I will discuss cloud-native architectures on the go and answer all questions in real-time.

Registration: https://dc-nordoberpfalz.de/digital-crafts-day.php

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