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AWS Java Bootstrap:

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AWS Java Bootstrap:


"AWS Java Bootstrap"

unning Java application on bare metal, serverful and serverless containers as well as AWS Lambda functions.
All examples, attendees' requests, and suggestions will be committed to a git repository in real-time.

  • Infrastructure as Code (IaC) with Java Cloud Development Kit (CDK) v2 and Apache Maven
  • how to start / AWS organizations
  • comparing JVM, CraC, SnapStart and GraalVM
  • ALB / NLB / EC 2
  • Exposing REST/HTTP, WebSockets, Mobile push
  • introduction to observability, monitoring and logging
  • saving money with EC 2 spot instances
  • ECS autoscaling
  • combining ECS and AWS Lambda
  • Lightsail,Beanstalk, ECR ECS / Fargate, AWS Lambda
  • Batches with AWS Batch, ECS Fargate and AWS CodeBuild
  • AWS App Runner

For details checkout:

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