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AICamp is a large AI/ML/Data developers community globally, with 120K+ developers from 150+ countries, we also have 40+ local study groups in 15 countries. Our mission is to enable every developer to learn and practice AI/ML/Data technology from anywhere at any time. We host many online tech events at the daily basis, such as webinars, workshops, tutorials, bootcamps, and large tech summit/conference.

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ML Talk: Reasonable Scale Machine Learning

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Machine learning comes in many shapes and sizes but most of the conversation (around tools, techniques, division of labor) is dominated by a handful of companies, who do ML at a scale nobody else needs to. Of all the endless forms that companies outside of Big Tech can take, particularly interesting is a growing and underserved segment that is especially relevant for ML systems, known as reasonable scale companies, meaning reasonable along the axes of monetary impact, team size, data volume, and compute resources.

Jacopo and Hugo will discuss reasonable scale machine learning and what the majority of non-FAANG companies need to know in order to build out sophisticated ML functions, and we will also discuss what such machine learning actually looks like for businesses and practitioners alike, and what you can do to get started with reasonable scale ML today.

After attending, you’ll know:

  • What types of companies can benefit from reasonable scale machine learning (hint: most);
  • What types of data, tools, and talent you need in order to build a sustainable ML function;
  • Barriers to entry for reasonable scale machine learning, how you can get started today, and industry trends that will help you in your ML journey.

The fireside chat will be followed by an AMA with Jacopo and Hugo at slack.outerbounds.co.

Jacopo Tagliabue is Coveo's Director of A.I., where they combine product thinking and research-like curiosity to build better data-driven systems at scale.
Hugo Bowne-Anderson, Outerbounds’ Head of Developer Relations

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Chief Data & Analytics Officers Spring (San Francisco)

Needs a location

Complimentary VIP ticket: please complete registration on the event website:

The premier in-person gathering for data & analytics leaders on the west coast (Venue: Hotel Nikko, San Francisco)

Exclusively designed for the cutting-edge data & analytics leader, focused on aligning data strategy with digital transformation, leveraging data analytics to increase business value, and spearheading a data-driven culture that utilizes data as an engine for growth.

Why attending?
- Network face-to-face safely and securely, and share knowledge with forward-thinking leaders from some of the most recognizable brands in the world
- Hear how your peers are accelerating business transformation towards a data-driven culture
- Refine your strategy to employ cutting-edge technologies such as AI and ML to provide increased business value

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