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We’re excited to bring you the latest and practical technology on AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Data Science and Big Data.

Our goal is to congregate with AI enthusiasts from all over Salt Lake City to learn and practice AI tech, through tech talks, study jams, code labs etc.. we regularly invite tech leads from innovated companies, successful startups to share their practice experiences and practices in the world of AI, Cloud, Data, Blockchain.

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5:30pm - 5:50pm, Snack & social

5:50pm - 6:00pm, Intro/announcement

6:00pm - 7:00pm, Tech Talk 1 and Q&A

7:00pm - 8:00pm, Tech Talk 2 and Q&A

8:00pm - 8:30pm, Lucky draw & Mingle

we have the same tech learning groups in Seattle, Silicon Valley, LA, NYC, Boston, Chicago, Denver, Austin, Toronto, China, Europe, Australia. and many of the tech talks livestream globally.

weekly online AI tech talks:


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Human Preference Intelligence for AI Driven Ecommerce

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We are hosting a series online AI tech talks before our upcoming large AI tech conference AI NEXTCon Seattle[masked]/23-26. This is one of webinar series, you can listen, watch, Q&A with speakers from anywhere around the world. Sign up here: https://learn.xnextcon.com/event/eventdetails/W19012210 Details: There is an ongoing challenge in computer science to build [HCI driven], human-centric intelligent systems, especially in the area of Ecommerce. Current computer systems operate on principals of binaryand linear logic. While humans, on the other hand, operate on an invisible system of individual human preference, controlling purchase behavior and product decisions. The monstrous challenge for computer and data scientists, explicit vs. implicit human behavior, the dichotomy of computer science and human centric abstraction. Current systems use binary, linear, non-sensory inputs yielding machine made outputs. Missing in the global Ai conversation, human preference intelligence. Millions of human preference data inputs, specific to each person, each product, each business. In this webinar, We will explain how AI can be leveraged, using the framework of soft computing, neuro-fuzzy logic, granularity and multi-agent systems to design and build interactive, intelligent knowledge platforms able to elicit individual human preference. Resulting in highly persuasive personalized intelligence for use in numerous business use cases including recommender systems, marketing, product design and execution. And the kicker? Sensory-preference profiled products! What will learn: 1. What is human preference? and Why has computer science fails to address human preference? 2. How information is represented, processed, and transformed by human sensory perception, memory and emotion into the decision to purchase a product or brand by an individual shopper. 3. Why current solutions fail? Using work arounds like segmentation / collaborative filtering / inferred behavior / and 1000's of others riffs of the aforementioned solutions, none of which solve for human preference. 4. Why Ai/ML needs human preference? Humans purchase and keep products based on emotion driven by individual sensory preference. Products like apparel, cars, homes, home furnishings, shoes and art. Speaker: Cynthia Holcomb,Founder of Prefeye AI NEXTCon Seattle 1/23-27, 2019. Our annual AI NEXTCon conference is coming up in Seattle. It is 5 days conference with keynotes, 40+ tech speakers/tech talk sessions, 50+ tech talks, and 4 workshop/code labs, which specially geared to developers and engineers to learn/share experience, practices, solutions to solve their engineering problems. website: http://aisea19.xnextcon.com For more online AI tech talks, courses, bootcamps, https://learn.xnextcon.com

AI NEXTCon Seattle 2019

Meydenbauer Center

[PAID CONFERENCE] buy ticket: http://aisea19.xnextcon.com Early bird tickets (50% off) end on Dec. 7th (while supply last) ------------------------------- 4-days, 50+ tech lead speakers, 60+ tech talks, 6 workshop/code labs. presented by engineering teams from Microsoft Amazon Uber Airbnb Pinterest Google Facebook Twitter LinkedIn, Nvidia, Intel, etc... NEXTCon is one of premium tech events specially geared to tech engineers, developers, data scientists, and machine learning engineers, has attracted more than 400 tech lead speakers, 5000+ tech engineers attending and more than 30 sponsors (like Microsoft, Amazon, Uber, Oracle, eBay, OfferUp, Google, IBM, AI2, Zillow, Alibaba, Huawei, DiDi, LinkedIn, and more). Speakers: *Michael Jordan, Distinguished professor from UC Berkeley *Deepak Agarwal, VP of AI from LinkedIn *Rajat Monga, Engineering Director from Google Brain *Li Deng, Chief AI Office, Citadel *Jeremy Hermann, Head of Machine learning from Uber *Peter Vajda, researcher manager from Facebook *Jonathan Huang, research scientist from Google Brain *Jennifer Prendki, VP of machine learning from Figure Eight and more .... Visit website for all 50+ speakers and schedules, Website: http://aisea19.xnextcon.com Date: *Main Conference: 1/23-24th, 2019 (Wed and Thu) *Hands-on Workshop: 1/25-26th, 2019 (Fri and Sat) Tracks: The conference features thoughtful tech leaders keynote in the morning and breakout tracks tech talks in the afternoon: *Computer Vision *Speech&NLP *Machine Learning *Deep Learning *Data Science & Analytics Discount: * Group discount (10% off for 5+ tickets, 15% off for 10+ tickets). you must purchase all tickets at one transaction. * "NEXTCon share program": help to share and promote NEXTCon, you can get more discount, free ticket and/or extra benefits, contact us for details. *Contact: [masked], [masked] AI tech learning community: AICamp, with the mission of “Make AI available to all developers”, is a global online AI learning platform for developers, engineers, data scientists to learn and practice AI technology. headquartered in Seattle and Silicon valley, we’re one of largest AI tech communities and have local learning groups in Seattle, SF/silicon valley, LA, San Diego, Phoenix, Salt Lake City, Denver, Austin, Chicago, Atlanta, NYC, Boston, Vancouver, Toronto, London, Berlin, Paris, China, India, etc.. with 500+ tech lead speakers and 50,000+ tech engineers to learn and practice together AI technology. we have hosted more than 300 tech meetups, bootcamps, workshops, training, and large tech conferences. Online AI learning platform: http://learn.xnextcon.com All NEXTCon around the world: http://www.xnextcon.com Twitter: @atiglobalorg

Online crash course - AutoML in Practice

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This is online crash course to provide you a clear picture of technical details behind the state-of-the-art AutoML. *you can listen, watch, Q&A with speakers from anywhere around the world. * 32 topics in 8 hours (4 sessions and 2 hours/session). *Real-time interactions with instructors, Watch recorded videos any time after. *code labs, projects, and real-time discussion/Q&A on Slack group Sign up: https://learn.xnextcon.com/course/coursedetails/c19012910 Description: Machine learning has achieved considerable successes in recent years. However, this success greatly relies on human experts to perform many tasks, like Data cleaning, Features construaction, Optimize model hyperparameters, Analyze results, etc. This is why Automated Machine Learning(AutoML and AutoDL) are increasingly valued by academics and industry. The core of AI is the model design. AutoML reduces the barriers to AI application, enabling developers with no AI expertise to independently and easily develop and deploy AI models. This crash course provides you a clear picture of technical details behind the state-of-the-art AutoML, from feature engineering, feature reduction to deep learning model architecture design. This course will also discuss time series modeling. In the end, we will work together on a hands-on project using AutoML, therefore you not only learn the knowledge but apply it to solve real-world applications as well. COURSE SCHEDULE: Session 1: Jan. 29th Tue 10am-12pm PT Session 2: Jan. 31st Thu 10am-12pm PT Session 3: Feb. 5th Tue 10am-12pm PT Session 4: Feb. 7th Thu 10am-12pm PT Speaker/instructor: Yuan Shen, founder and CEO of OneClick.ai, Ning Jiang CTO of OneClick.ai For more online AI tech talks, courses, bootcamps : https://learn.xnextcon.com

Understanding Machine Learning Systems

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This is to livestream the tech talks hosted in San Francisco. Join us online, you can listen, watch, Q&A with speakers from anywhere around the world. Sign up here: https://learn.xnextcon.com/event/eventdetails/W19013018 Description: Curious about Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, or Deep Learning? What's the difference between them? Want to understand how others are using ML creatively? If you are new to these areas and want to learn what is going on behind the scenes, but not from a mathematical / computer science background, then this talk is for you. Take this speedy 45-minute tour of the state of Machine Learning in 2018 by Jason Mayes, a Senior Creative Engineer at Google. This talk will cover a high-level overview of how deep neural networks work, their creative applications, along with some of the APIs and libraries that you can use from Google today to get started to do more advanced things. This fast-paced talk aims to educate, inspire, and enable you to rapidly prototype your next idea in this amazing industry. This talk is aimed at beginners (no coding or mathematical background required) or those who may be familiar but curious about its creative applications in industry. Speakers: Jason Meyers, Senior Engineer at Google For more online AI tech talks, courses, bootcamps : https://learn.xnextcon.com

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Adversarial Attacks on AI Systems

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