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What we’re about

Emergency Warning System if Martial Law is Imposed ! /// or also Bank Closures, Dollar Crash, Gold Seizures.

WARNING: the email list is NOT for daily discussion! ONLY for actual alerts!

It is an Extremely low volume of email designed only to get the word out when (or if) the arrests begin!

Someone may get wind of the information we all need and then they can email it to our members.

Any user should post/email an Alert to our un-moderated emailing list ONLY if they:
- actually observe (or from trusted friend's report)
- actual or imminent
- martial law imposition
- or arrests
- or bank closures
- or dollar crash
- or gold seizure
by the government (or it's private agents and corporations)

Meetup only lets you post to 3 meetup group's email lists in a 24 hour period, so save one for us.

Crying wolf on the email list with false alerts, or sending non alert email will result in BANNING of the member!

Also note:
ONLY the "message board" can be used for discussion!
You may want to RSVP on our "Personal Check-In and Rumor Report - Optional RSVP Activity" check-in event.

You can also put your contact information on your meetup profile that is specific for this group.
Possibly create meeting points if communications fail?

Possibly also put your "status" on your profile for your friends/family.

Everyone from anywhere can join ! USA Mexico Canada

Long live the Constitution!

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