What we're about

Emergency Warning System if Martial Law is Imposed ! /// or also Bank Closures, Dollar Crash, Gold Seizures.

WARNING: the email list is NOT for daily discussion! ONLY for actual alerts!

It is an Extremely low volume of email designed only to get the word out when (or if) the arrests begin!

Someone may get wind of the information we all need and then they can email it to our members.

Any user should post/email an Alert to our un-moderated emailing list ONLY if they:
- actually observe (or from trusted friend's report)
- actual or imminent
- martial law imposition
- or arrests
- or bank closures
- or dollar crash
- or gold seizure
by the government (or it's private agents and corporations)

Meetup only lets you post to 3 meetup group's email lists in a 24 hour period, so save one for us.

Crying wolf on the email list with false alerts, or sending non alert email will result in BANNING of the member!

Also note:
ONLY the "message board" can be used for discussion!
You may want to RSVP on our "Personal Check-In and Rumor Report - Optional RSVP Activity" check-in event.

You can also put your contact information on your meetup profile that is specific for this group.
Possibly create meeting points if communications fail?

Possibly also put your "status" on your profile for your friends/family.

Everyone from anywhere can join ! USA Mexico Canada

Long live the Constitution!

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Personal Check-In and Rumor Report - Optional RSVP Activity

Needs a location

For this Check-In RSVP, Answer this Question:

>>> Is everything OK with YOU personally TODAY? <<<

There is NO actual physical MEETING!, you are simply reporting in to your friends and to the group.

RSVP --- YES - if you want notifications when people make comments on this event.

RSVP --- NO - Meetup has made it hard to RSVP no, so we don't use that for any sort of signal.

Remember that you can change your RSVP as you situation changes.

You may make a comment in the RSVP comment field about any rumors you are hearing. You can also use the number of guests you are bringing (0-4) as a coding system to indicate messages to your personal friends.

However, an easier place for your friends to find you (with a bookmark) and to communicate is in your profile for this group. Your specific profile for this specific group can be found on the member tab to the left of this page (here: http://www.meetup.com/alerts/members ).

On your group profile you will see a text data entry field called: STATUS CHECK HERE:..... You must click 'edit group profile' to tell your friends what is going on with you.

DO NOT POST to the group email 'mailing list' unless you have something real/confirmed on a MEGA event.

My Personal Note: (to add some positivity to this group's somber mission) For me is is helpful to remember that the greatest freedom is within oneself and within the embrace of God's Divine Love, where ever you may find it.


Question: "So the idea is to just check in, and you will alert everyone if something comes up?" Answer: No, not really. Everyone who wants to, can respond to a Check-In RSVP. The RSVP is a place where you can check on you friends, and read rumors.

Anyone can email an alert by emailing the entire group using the mailing list here:

  • Here is the web-form to email the group (not sure this works for regular members): http://www.meetup.com/alerts/messages/send/

  • Or send email using your home email account using you meetup validated email address: [masked]

If people start disappearing or reporting trouble on their check-in RSVP and I can confirm a serious government problem, I will email an alert. But actually anyone else can do that also (with good confirmation).

Note meetup.com only allows a member to send to 3 different meetup mailing lists over a 24 hour period. Yes they do enforce that limit. You may want save one group for us, by only emailing to a maximum of 2 other meetup groups.

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Personal Check-In and Rumor Report - Optional RSVP Activity

Needs a location

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