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Come enjoy scenic walks and hikes in the best of company!

We explore many of our area's loveliest cityscapes, parks, and trails. While our name says Alexandria, our footprint extends throughout Northern Virginia, Washington DC, and Maryland to enjoy all the great places this area has to offer.

We have some of the finest people you'll ever meet anywhere. Awesome people being awesome! Also, all of our events are and always will be free and open to everyone 18 and older. All we ask is that you show up with a big smile and be yourself. What's not to like?

Please note:

(1) You are ultimately responsible for your own safety and well-being during events. For legal purposes, you are solely liable for anything that happens to you while on the trails with us.

(2) This is an adults-only group. For safety reasons, our outings are planned based on the capabilities of an average adult participant. This means no one under 18 is allowed, either as members or as guests, to include babies in carriers and/or strollers. No exceptions.

(3) Event organizers will provide the planned start date and time, location, and probable route of hikes and walks. Members are welcome to join and leave events at any time, and everyone is free to associate with others and walk/hike at their own pace. There is no requirement for participants to report to event organizers, and event organizers have no responsibility to keep participants in one group.

(4) This group does not provide “sweepers”; i.e., a person who follows attendees during an event and keeps count of everyone. We do not provide crossing/road guards to stop traffic at crosswalks and intersections. WE DO NOT TAKE ATTENDANCE! All members are adults and assumed to be capable of taking care of themselves. If you are looking for a group that takes attendance during events, separates attendees into ability groups, and assigns someone to handhold them during events, this group is not for you.

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