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Second Thursday Euchre
IT'S ONLY THREE HOURS, ONCE A MONTH. PLEASE HONOR YOUR RSVP :) This is our regularly scheduled social euchre night. We usually start play around 7:00 pm and wrap up at 9:45 pm. For those new or haven't been in awhile, here is some basic information about our meetup: 1. New To The Game of Euchre : If you are new to the game and don't know the rules, please do not sign-up on the website. Email me (Gary) to let me know that you want to learn to play. We count on having 4 people who can play the game at a table. We absolutely love teaching the game, but we will go through the game, have you watch, and then coach you through. This means that I can't be at another table so we have to plan accordingly. 2. New To The Group : If you have never been, we are a friendly group and welcome everyone to come. Very few people come with a friend or spouse. What this means is that it will not be awkward to arrive alone. It is better than a happy hour because it is easy to make conversation about cards. You don't have to even ask the dreaded "what do you do?" question. If you come three times, you are a regular. Also, house rules are that we play stick the dealer (ask if you don't know this variation). 3. Correct Table Count : Euchre is a 4 person game--yes, I know there are 3 and 6 person variations, but most people prefer the 4 person game. What this means is that if you sign-up, we are counting on you to be there. The deadline for RSVP is 2 days prior to the meet-up. Please update by that time, especially if you are going to cancel your RSVP. If you get 3 "no shows" and you'll only be able to sign up via an organizer. 4. The Waiting List : If this month is like the previous months, we will have a waiting list. Please be considerate and honor your RSVP. Of course, if you are sick and on death's door we don't want you to come out and get the rest of us sick; however, if not please do come play. A good evening of food, drink, cards, and friendship may be all that you need to be more productive the next day. If you are on the waiting list I am expecting you to either remove yourself if you don't want to be considered for an open slot, or check the site (or email) so you know you've been promoted to an RSVP of YES when a slot opens up. 5. Costs : There are some costs associated with meetup -- I have to pay Meetup every 6 months for listing on their website. They don't work off of advertising fees. We pass the bowl around and ask people to throw a $1 in each time they come.

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