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Meet other local Euchre players and enjoy a game or two!

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Alexandria Euchre Club ONLINE: (06/22) Fourth Tuesday Edition

Welcome to the Fourth Tuesday edition of the Alexandria Euchre Club (AEC) ONLINE Meetup.

If three (3) are on the waiting list, another game/hour will be added. So feel free to put yourself on the waiting list.

Need assistance during the event feel free to text Gary @[masked].


GAME CODES (think "Tables")

A number of games (depending on RSVP count) will be offered every hour on the hour:
* 8:00pm - Find your new games and play for an hour.
* 9:00pm - Find your new games and play for an hour.

* To access these games you need a GAME CODE or the GAME CODE LINK.

* The game codes for the evening will be posted in the comment section.

* A Google Drive LINK to download a spreadsheet containing the game codes for the evening will be posted in the comment section.

* Simply use the supplied game codes; please DO NOT CREATE YOUR OWN GAME.

* If a game is full, check the next one, and so on until you find an open spot.

* Please be on-time (especially for the 8:00pm game).

* Please DO NOT INVITE RANDOM PEOPLE TO JOIN THESE GAMES: The number of games have been setup to accommodate the meetup's RSVP list.

* Please really try to not leave early as this may result in someone being at a game by themselves (especially if RSVP numbers or uneven to begin with).


* When a game has all seats filled, and everyone is ready, someone can push the "START GAME" button (in the middle of the screen).

*If the game is NOT full simply wait until 0:05 to push the "START GAME" button. A robot player will "stand in for" the open seat.

* A live player can still join the game as they will simply replace the robot(s).

* Everyone at the game clicks "PLAY AGAIN" after each round of play for the entire hour (Do not "LEAVE GAME").

* Please plan your "PLAY AGAIN" times so that your last round of play is done around the top of the hour, which at that time you will press "LEAVE GAME".

* This will allow people an opportunity to take a break and still move to a new game code in a timely manner.

* Between rounds of play, you can switch partners by clicking the "MOVE HERE" words on top of someone else's cards but ONLY before pushing the "START GAME" button.

* The Trickster platform has a chat feature to talk to those at the same table as well as AUDIO and VIDEO capabilities. This is up to the players at the table as far as what you all decide to use.

Here's what you/we need to do prior to game night:

1) If you haven't already, please create an account on the Trickster site https://www.trickstercards.com/home/euchre/

2) Please have your username resemble your Meetup name so we know who we are playing with.

3) You can download the application on your computer OR download the application on your phone OR Play via the website URL.

4) Please play a few games online prior to the Meetup to familiarize yourself with the platform and the options it offers.

5 There are a number of "Settings" available for you to use to tweak how you play your cards. Those are up to you to use to your liking.

Guido's Margarita Saturdays (Non-card event)

Mark Ginesi (Guido's) House

* Who: You and anyone you want to bring
* What: Guido's Margarita Saturdays ... It's a Cookout and Frozen Margarita Saturday Night at Guido's place.
* Where: The House of Guido: 5236 Ampthill Drive, Alexandria, VA
* When: Saturday, June 26th 2021
* Time: 4:00 PM
* Why: It's summer and this question is obviously brought on by summer heat stroke stupidity!

IT'S BACK!!! The long awaited return of a Margarita Saturday is coming to a Guido household (maybe) near you. This will also be the first event with new roommate Rozik (but he's been to them before).
I know it's been a while but, hopefully, most of you still remember what a Margarita Saturday is all about. Getting together and eating and drinking too much! After this past year I think we need it and I've missed cooking over multiple grills and making 5 gallon jugs of margaritas. As an added bonus, come check out the patio update to remove the old hot tub hole and the NEW DECK!!! As always, I'll make things on the grill and will 'cater from Costco' snacks. You're welcome to bring side dishes or desserts or even something for the grill if you want to but it's not required. I've been known to over buy for these events!
So let's say we 'start' at 4pm and I'll start cooking at 5ish. With luck most of you will actually show up while the food is still hot. The frozen margaritas will be ready early if you want to come over early...but you know that means I put you to work!
Can't wait to see everyone!
ps. Let's be responsible. I was originally going to say it's 'vaccinated only' but I don't want to open that can of worms. If you haven't been vaccinated please bring a mask and hang outside. Most of the people I talk to regularly have been vaccinated.
pps. You're welcome to bring or invite friends.

So if you can make it great and please RSVP, if not, I totally understand.
Hope to see everyone that can make it.

Guido -[masked]

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