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What we’re about

This meetup is dedicated to all engineers who want to expand their knowledge, no matter the technology stack they work with. The goal of the meetup is to exchange practical tips and tricks from past projects and exchange valuable inter-stack experiences within the engineering community. 

In a decade in which shifts happen faster than ever, it’s not merely enough to master a single stack. Flexibility, open mindedness and keeping an eye on what's new is part of an engineer’s mission. So, if you’re ready to step out of your comfort zone (aka stack zone) and experiment with new technologies, this meetup is a great first step.

The meetup will be addressing themes of general interest for devs and UX/UI designers, with the goal of outlining better approaches for career growth, skills’ ownership, and better working relationships. Afterall, you can’t have development without a network.  

On the side, expect stories and puns, and refreshing get-togethers.

TLDR: A meetup for engineers of all stacks that takes into account the common ground of technologies and helps community members stay up to date with relevant changes in the industry.