• APIs at Scale + Networking + Great Swag

    4205 S Miami Blvd

    For our June meetup we'll focus on an important and highly applicable topic - Application Programming Interfaces, or APIs.

    Join us Wednesday evening, June 7 as we'll be back at IBM in the Research Triangle Park (RTP). Food and beverages will be available, courtesy of our wonderful hosts.

    In addition to a world-class presentation and educational opportunity, the networking and swag available will also be fantastic. We'll give away ATO hats, t-shirts and stickers, as well as our newest t-shirt - We Love Open Source. These were a huge hit at the last meetup and at Open Source 101 - we'll be sure to bring a good number with us.

    Additional details will be posted here soon, but in the meantime save the date and plan now to attend.

    Questions? Contact us at [masked].

    Venue doors officially open at 6:00 pm (you can arrive earlier if you like), live programing begins at 6:30 pm ET sharp. We'll begin the evening with a few community announcements, then we'll quickly move to our speakers.

    Title: API Stewardship: The human side of governance

    Abstract: How often has this happened to you? One team starts a project and builds an API for their service. Then another team builds an API. Then another. Before you realize it, your organization has created a broad set of APIs for developers to code against! This rapid growth presents significant challenges that will directly impact your bottom line: lack of developer adoption, complex dependency management, breaking changes across versions.

    At Microsoft, we face these challenges too! With over 200 services, Azure is one of the largest, most sophisticated cloud platforms. Azure’s API surface area has grown to thousands of operations, which are the basis of hundreds of SDKs covering today’s most popular programming languages. And we are growing at an ever-increasing pace as existing teams add more capability and new services come online.

    We've created an API Stewardship practice that, combined with tooling, notably TypeSpec, promotes API first development. The presentation will talk about the value of helping developers understand how to create APIs that developers will want to use, show you how we are able to codify our REST API Guidelines and generate OpenAPI contracts are accurate and correct. These OpenAPI specifications are more consistent and of higher quality, leading to a reduction of errors in our tool chain and improvement in our downstream SDK generation.

    You’ll come away understanding the motivations for establishing an API practice within your organization, a roadmap of how and where to get started, and an understanding of how to codify your API guidelines using TypeSpec to produce higher quality API definitions. You will also be able to recognize the qualities of who will make a good API steward. More importantly, we’ll start a conversation. This is a journey--we are constantly learning and evolving our practices. We would love your thoughts and ideas so that we can all improve together. Come join us!

    Location and Address:
    Building 500, Room G[masked] S Miami Blvd
    Durham, NC 27703
    *Questions regarding venue can be directed to Sahdev directly at[masked].

    1). Enter IBM campus from Miami Boulevard and Cornwallis Road,
    2). Follow signs for IBM Software Group Main Lobby B500 and take third left (DEVELOPMENT LANE) toward Main Lobby 500.
    3). Park into the Visitor Parking lot which is in the front of the B500. You will be escorted from the building entrance/lobby.