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We are about bridging divides, creating opportunities, building community, ending poverty and facilitating conversations!  Joy and fulfillment are not solo projects. This free monthly combined Meetup Alliance event on 3rd Sundays, 12:30pm in D.C. will help you build your network and "passion team" of people with similar aspirations, interests, values...for mutual support, personal growth, fun and prosperity. Singles love this format and community Spirit at these monthly events! 
EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED! Friendship or building quality relationships are important to a better quality of life, a better future for all.
The first step is to get to know each other better to see if we are ready to work together harmoniously with appreciation, forgiveness and understanding. These monthly community events provide opportunities to engage in conversations with new contacts, develop allies for the awesome projects and to connect with others with similar interests. Please introduce yourself to the co-organizers and host team of volunteer community builders.
WHEN: 1 PM TO 2:30PM on the third Sundays of each month on
As a friend of the global community, if a volunteer likes to organized specialized or followup events for this group, please simply contact the leadership team. Many wonderful friendships have been built to date, do attend at least one of these combined  Meetup and experience the fun for yourself!
Many Meetup Alliance group members will be coming together at this event, so you will be able to make more interesting new contacts during the general networking session. Several co-organizers with similar interests come together for this event, so you will meet singles and not-singles interested in friendship, joy and prosperity.
SAVE your Third Sundays from noon on to help bridge divides, create opportunities, end poverty, build community and facilitate conversations!   We also welcome you to join the volunteer Allies Team to help organize these monthly events and build bonds of friendship working on projects for the common good. It is one of the best ways to build long term relationships. Ask about the small group followup activities if you are interested to get to know others better. We look forward to meeting you in person! Feel free to invite new contacts to meet you at this event. (Thank you for the donation of $5. which goes to charity. Self-pay for food or drink you order.) The photo is of the Friendship Archway located at 7th and H Streets NW, DC. It was one of the successful projects of volunteers in this group! 

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