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Welcome to a FREE 3rd Sunday 1pm-2:30pm monthly Meetup! Generally 20 to 40 new participants register online at, click link for Zoom meeting ID below. 

Since April 2020 on 3rd Sundays  we have been holding our third Sunday monthly networking FREE ONLINE at instead of in-person due to Covid19.  If you are a community builder with Allies Building Community (ABC) or this   feel free to call 202 496 1555 for donor services to obtain the meeting ID for the 3rd Sunday and 4th Sunday followup networking event. Many thanks! 

Vision: A Beautiful Community of allies and friends, locally and globally.

Mission: Bridging Divides, Creating Opportunities, Undoing Fear, Preventing Poverty, Building Community ....Please join us! 

Welcome to  MEETUP FOR CONVERSATIONS!  Members of The Friendship Archway Network, Allies Building Community Inc. (A.B.C.), AlliesDC, Allies Legal, Women Entrepreneurs  invite you to join us  on the 3rd Sundays of each month from 1 PM to 2:30PM on After it is safe for many of us to meet in person, we plan to meet in person at One Fish restaurant at 2423 Pennsylvania Ave. NW, DC 20037.  When we meet in person, normally after a round of self-introductions at 1pm, then there is one-on-one networking from 2:30PM to 4PM.  After Covid19 is over, we plan to resume in-person get-togethers. Meanwhile, we hope to see you at

MEETUP for CONVERSATIONS is a community initiative and educational program organized by ovlunteer community builders, social entrepreneurs, "changemakers",  allies legal, women entrepreneurs and other groups in our collaboration. The format is designed for participants to meet many new prospects each month in person. If you are interested in building your network, expanding your inner circle or identifying participants with similar interests, this is the monthly event to help you do that. You will also strengthen your social skills, expand your capabilities, learn about new opportunities and develop mutually supportive relationships month after month. It is great also for good mental and emotional health to make new contacts and learn something new each month on 3rd Sundays. Since this is an all-volunteer program, we appreciate if you could ask us about assisting or helping out. By playing beneficial and educational "infinite games"  we have lots of fun, build relationships and build a better future together. This is one effective and happy step forward for the fulfillment of your aspirations for yourself and your community!

EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED at this spontaneous and creative community building event (online or in person)! 

These monthly community get-together events provide opportunities to uplift Spirit,  meet new contacts in person, develop community allies and to connect with others interested in fascinating positive topics. Express your interest to play with us and join FREE this group, group of community builders and develop new friendships and business associates. Please introduce yourself to the co-organizers and  attend followup smaller group meetings as well as weekly project conference calls either online or via phone calls. Let's get to know each other better to explore win-win-win possibilities and see when we are ready to collaborate harmoniously with appreciation, forgiveness and understanding. Learn new skills, develop new professional references and build your resume and  contacts. 

This community initiative is organized by the volunteer Allies Team and  co-sponsored by the Friendship Archway Network, Allies Building Community Inc. (A.B.C.), Allies Networks, Allies DC, Allies Legal, Award Networks, Award International Inc. and other co-sponsors. ABC is a tax-deductible, nonprofit 501c3 registered in Wash. DC and New York. We appreciate any donations which could be mailed to ABC, PO Box 57250, Wash. DC 20037-0250. For further info. call 202 496 1555, thank you so much! 


The Friendship Archway Network is a communications network of social entrepreneurs, "changemakers", professionals, community builders, attorneys, freelancers, investors, students, community leaders, community investors, Asian Americans, Chinese Americans and people of diverse backgrounds interested in bridging divides, creating opportunities, building community, undoing fear, preventing poverty and facilitating conversations to strengthen harmony and unity of purpose. Learn and share ideas about creative solution-oriented approach for personal and community advancement. Connect with people you may not otherwise meet this year! Share your passion and take one step toward the fulfillment of the vision for  "A Beautiful Community" through showing up each month to help build mutually supportive and beneficial relationships!

We look forward to connect you to allies and friends interested in working together to build a better future for all!  For more information on the nonprofit co-sponsor of this community initiative, see Register FREE for reminders at this web address,  You will develop more friendships with people of diverse background in Washington D.C. It is FREE to sign up in this Meetup group.  if you can attend on any 3rd Sunday noon in person, the nonprofit would appreciate a $5 donation for volunteer expenses (self-pay for food you order) Let's work together to build a happier and friendlier future for all! We look forward to meet with you and your friends in person on 3rd Sundays of each month.

(Followup small group meetings of volunteers are sometimes held online or at the Capital Professional Center at 2423 Pennsylvania Ave. NW, first floor conference room (or at One Fish restaurant), Wash DC 20037 (less than two blocks from GWU/Foggy Bottom Metro, blue/orange lines. DC Circulator stops almost in front of building.) Or they may be held in nearby locations.  Please send email to and let the host team volunteers know of your interest in volunteering and community building. Call 202 496-1555 to re-confirm exact date and time of the next followup meeting of new allies and community builders.

DIRECTIONS in detail for walking from Metro: Upon exit from Foggy Bottom GWU Metro, turn left toward George Wash. Hospital and Washington Circle, bear left around the circle toward 24th Street and Pennsylvania Ave. NW;  Location is on the ground level of a 5 story office building is across Melrose Hotel, One Fish Two Fish Asian Restaurant is on the street level. It is located on Pennsylvania Ave. NW between 24 and 25th, next to small triangular park. Call 202 496 1555 or email to  and to re-confirm followup meetings in advance. Thank you!

We encourage all active participants who have attended the Wash. DC 3rd Sunday Meetup  to sign up here at and share what they are looking for (need/want) and what they are willing to help out with (your contributions). Share your info, your profile or send info to us by email. Since this is a smaller email list of those who have attended our DC events in the past, it will be easier for others who have attended the same 3rd Sunday event in the Foggy Bottom/GWU neighborhood in Wash. DC to find each other here for followup purposes. Thank you for your interest! We look forward to get to know each other better. By working together on a common project, we build trust, discover strengths, build relationships and lay the foundation for possible future invitations to participate in win-win-win collaborative projects. Sign up to play and join group conference calls or for followup sessions.  See you on 3rd Sundays and at other followup activities to advance toward the fulfillment of your aspirations for yourself, your friends and the community. May you and yours be blessed with joy, friendship and prosperity! Thank you! 

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