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NOTE: Because of COVID-19,  Meetup for Conversations will be ONLINE only until further notice. See ONLINE Meetup announcements, and rsvp! Thanks. Any questions, email to and, many thanks! 

After the Covid-19 situation is over, you are invited to join us on 3rd Sundays of each month in Washington D.C. for networking with people interested in building their future as well as their fortune and becoming all they can be, truly making a difference individually and as a dynamic and unique community building group! At the 3rd Sunday community networking event, you will meet allies from many allies groups as well as new participants each month on 3rd Sundays, either in person or on, at the same time and place.

To followup, we also meet on the 4th  Saturday for small focus group discussions on This is on the 4th Sunday, following the 3rd Sunday event. If we are meeting in person then we meet at  One Fish Two Fish restaurant, 2423 Pennsylvania Ave. NW, DC 20037. This is where  you will have the opportunity to get your questions answered and learn more in depth about the 500allies and other projects you may be interested in. You may also complete the preliminaries at this time.


The first step for advancement is to get to know each other better to see if we are ready to work together harmoniously with appreciation, forgiveness and understanding. Building a better future is NOT a solo endeavor. It is more fun to build friendships and share good humor along the way to enlightenment.  These monthly community events either in person or online provide opportunities for participants to KNOW themselves better, to build your team and to become better prepared for a happy and successful journey. You will face many challenges along the journey and it is wise to prepare for your trip. Life is a classroom. Life is a game. Life is a blessing. Life is a gift! 

WHEN: 12:30PM TO 3:00PM in person on the third Sundays of each month or online at 1pm. Participants may continue with one-on-one networking after the round of self-introductions. The restaurant will you to remain until they close for the day.

We welcome you all to join us for monthly Networks/ networking events for new experiences each month, to make new contacts, to develop new friendships for mutual support and to co-create new job opportunities through social entrepreneurial ventures with potential investors, community leaders, entrepreneurs, singles, business coaches, Asian Americans and others in the Downtown Wash. DC area. You will have a chance to introduce yourself to all the participants at each event. (Self-pay for food/drink you order in person.)

Please let the co-organizers know if you are interested in collaborative efforts to maximize beneficial outcomes for all. Allies Networks co-organizers have access to business conference, workshop facilities, registered agent services and other resources to support collaborative efforts. We look forward to meeting you and get to know you. Feel free to invite your prospects and new acquaintances to meet you at this community networking event. Feel free to followup on contacts you personally exchange business cards with at this event. We look forward to plan and implement win-win-win projects with you! We are interested in creative efforts to bridge cultural divides through photography, video, film making, web development, online business development websites and to collaborate in advocating for Chinatown and for personal, economic and community development projects. 

It is free to join the email list for this meetup group, the link to this group is: 

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