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Serving creativity to the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond ~
AllShiva's Dynamic Beauty Workshops are about helping photographers connect with talented performers and professional models both local and abroad. Shiva hosts group model photography events exclusively focused towards photographers looking to take their portfolio to the next level with a diverse range of events and unique content creation opportunities to produce strong new images for your portfolio.

Shiva is based in San Jose, CA. However, we utilize many different locations around the Bay Area and beyond, both indoor and outdoor.

"To become better at anything, you need to do it consistently." ~ Shiva

I have been a photographer for two decades and now I am helping others learn, grow and build their portfolios. I am currently providing ongoing sessions and creating great opportunities for you with skilled talent, while behind the scenes also conducting discussions that dive deeper into the purposefulness, intent and unique vision we have while generating our photography art.

These events are open to all skill levels and designed to be a space that will be supportive of where each of us is at with our photography. These events are not designed to be a classroom but more of a lab space that supports ideas within a safe creative co-op. I will offer many different opportunities and variety of concepts to create content within different photography niches.

Events will be geared towards anyone who is seeking photography coaching, looking to grow to the next level, practice and gain experience, or just build / update your portfolio with new content. Entry to mid level photographers are encouraged to join and gain some insightful tips and techniques that I am more than happy share as well as from other members or just be inspired in general from group collaboration. You will definitely find all those things here.

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Please reach out to me via my contact information below or DM me via Meetup messages
Thanks for your interest in joining me in being creative and capturing some amazing photography!

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