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Serving creativity to the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond ~
AllShiva Dynamic Beauty Workshops is about helping photographers connect with talented performers and professional models. Shiva hosts group photography events exclusively focused towards photographers looking to take their portfolio to the next level with a diverse range of events and unique content creation opportunities to produce strong new images for your portfolio.

Shiva is based in San Jose, CA. However, we utilize many different locations around the Bay Area and beyond, both indoor and outdoor.

"To become better at anything, you need to do it consistently." ~ Shiva

I have been a photographer for two decades and now I am helping others learn, grow and build their portfolios. I am currently providing ongoing sessions and creating great opportunities for you with skilled talent, while behind the scenes also conducting discussions that dive deeper into the purposefulness, intent and unique vision we have while generating our photography art.

These events are open to all skill levels and designed to be a space that will be supportive of where each of us is at with our photography. These events are not designed to be a classroom but more of a lab space that supports ideas within a safe creative co-op. I will offer many different opportunities and variety of concepts to create content within different photography niches.

Events will be geared towards anyone who is seeking photography coaching, looking to grow to the next level, practice and gain experience, or just build / update your portfolio with new content. Entry to mid level photographers are encouraged to join and gain some insightful tips and techniques that I am more than happy share as well as from other members or just be inspired in general from group collaboration. You will definitely find all those things here.

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Please reach out to me via my contact information below
allshivaphotography@gmail.com or DM chat via http://m.me/shiva.sharifi
Thanks for your interest in joining me in being creative and capturing some amazing photography!

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Two Art Models Half Day Adventure Shoot at Marin County's Coastline

Marin County


This is a special opportunity to work with two traveling art models Jay Ban and Jennifer Jones that have been paired together for this rare half day artistic nude photography adventure shoot set among Marin's beautiful coastline.

Jay Ban

Jennifer Jones

Each session is limited to only 5 photographer spots!
Event fee is $350 and includes gratuity for these models hard work.
Photographers will rotate turns in the primary photographer position, but also during this event appropriate side shooting will be allowed too!

We will be visiting two great beach sites and shooting solo sets with each model as well as lots of duo shots! We will primarily be focused on capturing classy artistic nudes in nature, but both models will also have some pretty coverups to shoot and potentially some nice sheer fabrics as well.

A general understanding of how to use your own camera equipment is required as this is not a class type event but rather a portfolio content opportunity. I am happy to help or offer suggestions and will be directing models with posing as well if anyone feels stuck or without ideas.

We will be shooting at two of Marin's sanctioned nude beaches, so we don't have to worry about getting into trouble or causing any disruption. It will take about 15 minutes driving time to relocate in-between sites during the middle portion of this half day adventure, plus whatever time spent hiking trails out to the beaches. Both beach sites offer parking. If after my scouting there are any changes to this I will provide an update.

Please be physically fit enough to handle a short yet very steep[masked] mile hikes down to the beaches, especially at the 1st site. The climb back out may wind you but at least it is short. I can do it with my spine disability but you need to be responsible for you and know your body.

DM me if you have any further questions?

Because of the hazardous combo of camera equipment around a rocky coastline a FULL LIABILITY RELEASE WILL BE REQUIRED for this event.

Marin County Coastline, CA
I will email RSVPs further details regarding meeting locations & instructions the week prior to the event


  1. Event fees are non-refundable and not transferable to other events due to you desiring a cancellation or simply because you change your mind.
  2. Event fees are non-refundable due to inclement weather, AQI levels or any other uncontrollable conditions created by forces of nature that may occur on the day of the event.
  3. Refunds are only offered if the organizer has determined to cancel the event or has rescheduled and you can no longer make the new date or the featured model changes.
  4. If you decide there is a need for you to cancel, and you want to try to receive a reimbursement, you will need to have someone on the waitlist or reach out to find someone who is able to replace your attendance. Once your replacement's payment is confirmed then I will be able to refund your transaction minus any banking fees.

By your RSVP and voluntarily participation in this event you agree to enter into this waiver which you hereby release any rights or claims to pursue that any type of accident, injuries or damages is my (the host) fault and/or the fault of any partners, associates or members and do hereby discharge now and forever any occurrence at the location or traveling to and from locations on the day of this event.


1. Bring your signed LIABILITY RELEASE FORM which can be downloaded via the Dropbox link I will email out the week prior and this is absolutely required to attend.

2. Bring a comfortable weight backpack with your fav camera gear as we will be doing some short steep hiking in certain places. Also, hiking poles if you are like me and need them.

3. Wear comfortable hiking shoes, bring water, snacks or other things you may need/want, etc. and absolutely bring clothing layers as the coast should be lovely in June but is still absolutely unpredictable! ;)

4. A few beach towels for you to dry off as well as help me provide some extra towels for the models, so they aren't drying off with already damp towels ;) Thank you!

5. A dry change of clothes in your car for incase you get wet, which you probably will at some point if you're doing it right ;)

I will handle the model releases and email it after the session.

WAITLIST - If you can not RSVP this means the event headcount has been filled. Please leave a comment below that you would like to be added to the waitlist. Do not send in a payment for Waitlists, only once there is an open spot.

© 2023 Shiva Sharifi

Mesmerizing Iceland June 2023 Summer Tour w/ 2-3 Art Models

Reykjavík Airport

Join me on a trip this June 2023 for 5.5 days of amazing photography in southern Iceland with two wonderful models!!!

Sara Scarlet

Lady Vengeance

If there are enough confirmed photographers interested then a 3rd Icelandic model will be added for this tour. I know who this model may be but this will not be announced unless we have enough confirmed photographers.

This event is NOT hosted by Shiva but rather by model Sara Scarlet + her copilot Erik Noppe (photographer/assistant/driver)
Shiva and Sara have been corresponding about location itinerary and awesome sites for shooting on this trip!

For more event details please visit the following link:

Your RSVP on Meetup does not guarantee your spot on this tour.
A 50% deposit is required to have a confirmed spot.
Correspondence and payment arrangements should be made directly with Sara Scarlet at [masked]
A signed liability release form will also be required for the tour in the event of any unexpected occurrences.

Please read details in the link provided above as it should answer most of your initial questions. If you still have further questions they should be directed to Sara Scarlet in an email at [masked] and you may CC: [masked] and mention Shiva was a referral for this Icelandic Summer Tour :)

Thank you!

© 2023 Shiva Sharifi
Cover Image: Free to use stock from Pexels

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