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CANCELLED - FREE! Reiki Share, Chakra Balancing & Biofeedback Scanning
Hey everyone! We just wanted to give you a heads up that Joyce and Becki winding down to take a sabbatical from Reiki shares and Reiki classes for the rest of the year. Thursday night Reiki shares at Natchez Trace Veterinary Services are postponed until further notice. However, we will still host the Reiki 1 class on November 3. Dan is open to hosting a Reiki share at his home in Joelton, and also would love to be a part of Reiki shares and/or classes you decide to host. Please call Dan at ‭[masked]‬ or[masked]‬. ‬ And, if you have any questions or need info, just message Becki[masked] or Joyce[masked]. ‬ Blessings to all of you for a joyful and soulful close to 2018! <3 <3 -- FREE! Reiki Share, Chakra Balancing & Biofeedback Scanning - Everyone Welcome! Share is located at a vet clinic, but is for people! Don't worry, we don't smell like animals, the clinic is spa-like and clean, and energy is amazing! :) Come learn more about Reiki, Chakra Balancing, and Energy Healing! You will learn: • How to feel the human energy field • How to access and use Reiki energy to heal • How do diagnose the chakras with a pendulum • How to balance the chakras with a crystal. We also offer free iTOVi Frequency Biofeedback Scans to let you know which essential oils and supplements your body is craving. The iTOVi frequency scanner sends frequencies through your body, analyzes your responses using bioimpedance, and makes recommendations based on your results. Learn more about iTOVi here: Come give it a try! We also show you how to actually see (with the naked eye!!) the energy we work with during healing. Facilitated by Becki Baumgartner, Joyce Dierschke and Dan Craft You will experience a combination of share, class, and healing circle. Everyone is welcome - experienced practitioners, those new to Reiki and Energy Healing, and everyone in between! This is the perfect place for you to explore energy healing modalities and/or experiment with your abilities. Many attendees have learned new techniques and have become more confident in their healing and intuitive abilities through our group For more information on Reiki please visit:

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