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amBi Inland Empire (#amBiiE) is a private membership club. Founded as Bis of the Inland Empire and Surrounding Areas, the purpose of this group is to provide a supportive social atmosphere for bi individuals to interact safely and with acceptance. The group is designed for like-minded bis or bicurious folks who are interested in meeting, socializing, establishing friendships, and doing fun activities as a group. This is a bi group and we like to maintain the integrity of the social setting and we will work to ensure that we have a well-rounded group that shares a variety of interests, ideas, attitudes, and values. This is not intended as a hook-up or professional support group, just ordinary folks looking for community.

Because not all our members may be out, it is important to us that the privacy of our members be maintained. No one may attend any function without being accepted as a member of BIE, or vetted by a member of BIE. BIE is not open to the general public.

We have a private Facebook page, and frequent events that can be suggested by anyone. Events can be of almost any nature – from hikes, poetry reading, wine tasting, book clubs, to themed parties and summer pool parties. The Code of Conduct has been developed to ensure that participants in BIE group events feel safe and welcome.

The Rule at all BIE events is Consensuality, we always ask before we touch or kiss. To preserve a safe environment for personal exploration, all members and guests are requested to conduct themselves with decorum, and to treat everyone with dignity and respect. In order to do so, we have outlined some guidelines:

Code of Conduct

We ask that members act honestly, truthfully and with integrity in all our interactions and dealings. We are all vulnerable and are all sharing a very private part of ourselves. It is crucial that we are authentic with one another for this group to really work.

• It is important that consent is requested if/when attempting to show physical affection. For example: asking before touching / kissing. Anyone who violates this will be removed and banned from the group for life. There are no second chances!

• Any conduct requiring an apology is grounds for expulsion. This includes: unsolicited or unwelcome touching, verbal, physical or visual harassment, excessive aggressiveness, and argumentativeness. Conduct endangering the life, safety, health or well-being of others, will be a grounds for immediate and permanent removal from the group.

• To encourage freedom of expression and to protect the privacy of everyone, photography of any kind is strictly controlled and misuse is grounds for immediate removal.

• Video equipment is not permitted at events. Cameras are allowed for limited use (meaning photos taken with explicit permission only and not distributed).

• There may be events that involve or contain adult content, but we assure each person that nothing is required but courtesy.

• We are all adults and expect people to take responsibility for their decisions and their consequences. We do not encourage excessive drinking or drug use and ask members to conduct themselves accordingly at events. Heavy drinking and drug use are discouraged; remember no one is comfortable around a drunk.

• We ask that members appropriately handle actual or apparent conflicts of interest in relationships outsideof the confines of the Facebook or online chat group, or events. And out of respect for other members, we ask that domestic quarrels be handled at home.

• BIE is primarily a social group and is not responsible for any physical or psychological injury, including but not limited to illness, paralysis, death, damages, and economical or emotional loss. Relationships such as partners, couples, married or not, should be respected. Never make assumptions as to what they or anyone may be into (e.g., swinging or swapping). Again, ASK! All BIE members are responsible for their guests knowing and adhering to the Code of Conduct at MeetUp events.

• Council members are volunteers and members of the group, not servants; please be polite. Always ask the other person if it is ok to make an intimate gesture (touch / kiss).

• Last but not least, NO means NO. BIE is all about fun, a relaxed atmosphere and respect. Everyone appreciates knowing they have a choice at all times.

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