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What we’re about

Yoo hoo! Calling all existing and wannabe entrepreneurs who are interested in selling on Amazon and building an e-commerce business! Our meet-ups are designed to share tips, hacks, the stuff you need to know that others don't reveal, to inspire you all on your journey. 


This meet-up is organised by a group of Amazon sellers for Amazon sellers. We are not gurus, we don't know it all, but we are experienced and we are leading from the front in the trenches with you. 

Meet-ups are held online for the duration of the COVID situation, but we will return to meetups in London soon. Apologies to folks from out of town, but we may consider moving some events out of the capital if demand is strong enough. Our online meetups are free, but we do charge a small amount to cover costs for "in-person" events. 


Use this group and the Scaleforetail Facebook community to network with like-minded individuals and get answers to questions about Amazon, FBA, private labeling, building an online brand, and traffic-driving strategies. Topics that we will cover will range from Amazon to Facebook Advertising to Shopify, how to extend your business into other channels and marketplaces, how to grow internationally, and more. Please also feel free to welcome other UK based Amazon Sellers to this Group. Spread the word! Please also suggest topics that you want to be covered. 


This is your meet up. We want you to get involved, Network like crazy, you will get tips and ninja strategies or even meet a potential business partner. Get engaged in the talks, ask lots of questions no matter how simple or advanced. We cater for sellers at all levels, just starting or 10 years in. So welcome, we are so glad to have you as part of the community!