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What we’re about

Whether you're newly coming out or a veteran bi activist, there comes a point when it's time to stop talking about abstractions and start LIVING as bi people. It is sometimes easy to forget that our sexuality is ultimately about how we love - that our bisexuality is about love, a love that transcends boundaries of sex and gender. It is not up to others to give us the affirmation we, like all humans need; it is up to us to give that acceptance, love, and respect to each other and then build upon that foundation together. That's where amBi comes in.

amBi Euegen is not just another meetup group that offers fun events. While we get to explore the city and enjoy ourselves, we also have a higher purpose. amBi's mission is nothing less than to build a vibrant and visible bi community here in Eugene. amBi is a diverse social group that hosts public and private events and activities for bis, our partners, and allies. Our use of is intended to help overcome the obstacle of distance by allowing us to plan, discuss, and get to know each other - all from the comfort and convenience of wherever we happen to access the internet.

If you're interested in expanding your sense of bisexuality, getting to know good people from every part of this expansive metropolis, and doing all sorts of interesting and fulfilling events - all while hanging out with fellow bis - then this group is for you. But remember, as with any group, you get out of it what you put in!

amBi is a private Meetup and you will need to be approved by an Organizer in order to join. We do this to protect the privacy and integrity of the group. Some of our members are closeted outside of amBi, and we want to protect their anonymity. Inside amBi, however, we are open and out to each other.

Before Joining, please read
Sorry, but incomplete profiles will absolutely NOT be approved for membership.
Applicants who do not meet these 3 simple requirements will you usually be contacted, but this will result in significant and easily-avoided delays to your membership. It takes a great deal of time to contact people about their profiles and we'd rather spend that time planning and hosting great events for our members.

  1. A real or real-sounding name.
    This is the name by which people in the group will refer to you. User names like "BiGurl23" or acronyms like "KFS" sound pretty silly when used in person. If you absolutely do not want people to know your real name, pick something. Just be prepared to answer to it! If you prefer, you may tell us your name in your "Introduction." If you are applying as a couple, we require names for BOTH of you.
  2. A photo clearly showing your FACE.
    (Please, no groups of people, no animals, no cartoons, no nature scenes, no childhood pics)

This helps us find you when meeting at a busy venue and also helps people learn and remember who you are. Photos help prevent spam and make the group safer for everyone. Any discretion you may have gained by submitting a photo in which you cannot be identified is quickly lost when you find yourself at a crowded venue, looking for the group, trying to think of creative ways to ask random strangers if they are bi! We often have multiple members with the same name - yet again, photos fix any issues instantly.

As long as you have your settings to "keep groups private," nobody outside of amBi can see your photo in association with the group.

  1. Answers to some basic profile questions.
    Please tell us why you'd like to join our group and be part of our community. These questions aren't here to make you feel awkward. They enable us to make sure you are a real person who is here to meet and socialize with the bi community. Your answers also serve as your introduction to the group.
    REMEMBER: We may be sexy, but we are NOT A HOOKUP GROUP. Keep it classy.

Again, incomplete profiles will not be approved for membership. Profiles without recognizable photos or incomplete profiles will not be approved for membership.

We look forward to meeting you!

PLEASE NOTE: While many of our members are single, amBi is not a hookup group. amBi is not a swingers' group. We are here to help build a community in Eugene that is welcoming, safe, diverse, vibrant, and visible. If you are here only looking to arrange dates and/or sexual encounters, we are definitely not the Meetup group for you. If you join and then proceed to message members you have not yet befriended in person, YOU WILL BE REMOVED! [If someone does this to you, please let us know]. Please also note that posting any sexually explicit photos will result in immediate removal from the group. It is very important to us that amBi be a healthy space in which people can have productive, affirming interactions with each other. Thanks for your understanding.

A WORD ON LABELS: amBi uses "bisexual" as an umbrella term (AKA Bi+) for people who recognize and honor their potential for sexual and/or emotional attraction to more than one sex or to all genders (heteroflexible, pansexual, polysexual, multisexual, fluid, omnisexual, queer, and all other free-identifiers). We celebrate and affirm the diversity of identity and expression regardless of labels. We're here to live and live well - sitting around arguing which label is better doesn't help towards that end, so it's not something in which we invest a lot of time.