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Hi there! This is Mayur here, Founder & CEO of AmbitionBox.com. Through AmbitionBox.com we help people with Interview preparation for jobs. After interacting with a lot of startup founders and other professionals in the industry we realized that a real problem industries face is not in finding talent but finding top quality talent. We saw that the online course completion rate is very less and hence, we decided to start teaching offline. Classroom training usually is only much of theory and hence we plan to change that with 90% hands-on training and teaching only that is required. To start with we have planned to teach the following 2 courses:

1. Learn how to build a website from scratch
2. Learn Photoshop, web design, UI & UX

We would be adding many more such courses or workshops. So keep following and join us for whichever course you are interested in! We have devised a new blended way of teaching so that a user grasps the most in the shortest time.

We believe this solves a big problem of talent shortage for the industry and helps a lot of people equip with skills required for getting a job or polishing/building their existing profile or maybe even starting a company! We would love to hear from you. Write to us at hi@ambitionbox.com

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Learn Photoshop, web design, UI & UX (Workshop)

Sai Ansh Society

Learn how to build a website from scratch! in a day!

Sai Ansh Society


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