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We're a Colorado photography workshop group based out of Colorado Springs in beautiful Colorado. Specializing in Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, California and many more national areas to come. We have several outstanding photographers on board offering affordable opportunities for excellent locations where you'll learn everything from landscape photography, night sky photography, and much more. More information coming soon!

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The Magic of Hanksville, Utah

Location to be Announced


The area around Hanksville Utah is a magical journey to another world. The landscape and light offer the most unique photo opportunities we’ve ever experienced.

This year American Photo Treks is partnering with Jeff Johnson of Soul Road Trips for a magical adventure to this photographic wonderland. That's three instructors to help you capture the best possible images. Plus, we are familiar with Sony, Canon and Nikon camera systems

We will go to the most scenic locations at just the right times to capture these unique landscapes in the best possible light. Many of the roads require 4-wheel drive vehicles and by joining us, we'll be driving you around so you don't have to worry about whether or not your car will be able to traverse the remote roads.

The areas we will be visiting are also excellent areas to fly drones. So, if you have a drone, bring it along so you can capture unique views of the landscape that you can't get by being on the ground.

Lodging and food are not included in the workshop price.

American Photo Treks is approved and permitted by the Bureau of Land Management to conduct this workshop.

Due to the outlay of expenses prior to the workshop, once payment is made, no refunds can be given unless the workshop is cancelled. We strongly advise trip insurance to protect yourself in the event that unavoidable circumstances prevent you from making the trip.

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Day 2!!! Photographing Horses in Beautiful Winter Scenes

Location to be Announced