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A great way to meet other Americans living in Copenhagen. Even if you're not from America but may be associated with an American, married to one or just want to get to know some, come join us! We love to have a good time! **We also have a resources section, which you are welcome to check out by clicking "About Us" in the menu to the left!** Why join us? To connect with Americans and other Internationals -- some new, some old residents -- who can make your time in Denmark easier and more fun.

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Nørrebro Distortion Starts In My Backyard FOR SOME!

Larrys Back Yard

As per tradition the distortion party will start on Nørrebro and i live in the center of Nørrebro distortion so i am inviting SOME of you to start the Nørrebro distortion in back yard! You can chill out in my backyard and drink whatever booze or wine or beer you brink with you then after being in my backyard step right outside in the distortion street party and get distorted! This year i am going to choose who enters my backyard so if you RSVP yes to attend i will send you a email if you may enter my backyard. there will be people guarding the entrance to my backyard.They are right at the entrance of my backyard to keep out people who want to use our backyard as a toilet but i will tell them to allow those who say they know Larry to enter. This invitation is to have a good distortion start in my backyard before getting way too distorted so start RSVPing and i will for sure email some of you the address where you can walk into my backyard with the email i send you and then come and get distorted!

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