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What we’re about

Hello from the most authentic, original cooking group of the Meetups! We wish you a "delicious" year and enjoy Anatolian Cuisine as you can.
This group is formed by food enthusiasts from Turkey and they are delighted to share the rich cuisine with the friends in the Valley.

DISCLAIMER: All new members are required to upload a clear and recent profile picture without sunglass. Selfies are accepted. By being a member of this group you hereby agree to assume all risks, liability and safety related to or resulting from any and all group functions. You agree that neither you nor any third party will hold any of the group's leaders, officers, or representatives liable for any injury, loss, or damage to your own person or any members of your family, friends, acquaintances, children, pets, or property, arising directly or as a consequence from a group activity. If you bring guests, you will also be responsible for their actions. Promotions of political, religious, sales and advertisement of any kind will not be tolerated and accepted in this group and members will be removed as the result of doing so. Please note, we do not clear waiting lists based on time stamp only. The Organizer has rights to remove members at any time based on their behavior, both verbal and action towards organizers, members of the group, vendors and venue/restaurant staff. You also agree that your membership of this group is based on an "at will" basis.
We look forward to meeting you!