stORM, ORM mapper and littleye performances

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David M Chandler - Google ( Project stORM: an open source ORM for SQLite on Android

Android’s bundled SQLite database is powerful, but requires a lot of hand-coded SQL to get started. Using an ORM can simplify database development for many applications, and the Android ecosystem already has several to choose from. stORM is a lightweight DAO generator written by Android Developer Advocate David Chandler that aims for a streamlined developer experience (only two annotations required) and solid performance (preferring code generation over reflection). stORM is extensible, minimally intrusive, and offers built-in CSV backup / restore capabilities to facilitate database version upgrades. Along with stORM, Chandler will present basic-http-client, a lightweight Java HTTP client with a built-in asynchronous interface.

Kumar Rangarajan - Littleye (
Little Eye Labs - A CT Scanner for your app
Little Eye Labs first product is called "little eye" and is a performance analysis tool for Android apps. We like it to call it a "CT scanner for your app" and it helps measure and analyze app's power/battery, data and memory consumption, using an intuitive visual correlation engine. For more details and trying out the beta version, checkout http:/// ( Kumar Rangarajan is the co-founder & chief ion @ little eye labs, a Bangalore based startup. He has over 17 years experience in the industry and most of it was spent in building developer tools. He was part of the Rational PurifyPlus team (before and after it was acquired by IBM) and earlier part of the HPUX linker team. He started little eye labs alongwith his friends from Rational, who share his passion for building developer/testing tools. He is known to talk a lot and so be warned :-)