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This month we have Londroid sponsored by The Telegraph where we get together for a couple of talks, food and drink, and a chance to network and socialize with fellow Android developers.

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6:30 Open for arrival
6:50 Welcome to Londroid
7:00 Talk one
7:30 Q&A
7:40 Talk two
8:10 Q&A
8:20 Social, food and drinks


Talk one: Do Android devs dream of Robolectric Espresso?

Everyone knows that automated UI testing can be painful. Last year Robolectric enabled support for running Espresso tests as part of it’s 4.0 release. Since we’re working on a new project here at The Telegraph, we have decided to explore this integration as a way to simplify our QA flow and provide quick feedback to developers during a sprint.

In this presentation, I will take you through our experience with using Robolectric-backed Espresso tests, explain our findings and reveal a few of the pitfalls we encountered along the way.

Speaker: Sarah Sharp

Sarah Sharp is an Android developer at the Telegraph Media Group and is currently working on rewriting one of The Telegraph’s apps using some of the newest Android technologies. She is a believer in testable code, and is on a mission to create a world full of wonderfully automated, testable software.

Twitter: @SarahCSharp


Talk two: What to do after you publish - 5* ratings, IAP sales, news articles, UX & Customer Support

Brief: You know how to develop apps, you understand coding, and what you don't know about development you can learn on-line. However once you've developed & released your app - now what?

"Build it & they will come" hasn't been accurate for a long time. Releasing an app to the Play Store isn't the end of the journey - it's the beginning. Now you need to find users, and those users need to enjoy your app so much they'll leave a review, and that review needs to be 4 or 5 stars. How do you do that? Honestly speaking, it's not a science - but there are a few easy tips, tricks & tools you can use to:
1 - Improve your chances of getting your app featured on big on-line publications to attract users
2 - Get valuable feedback from those users to improve your app
3 - And ultimately garner 5* reviews from those users making your app a much more attractive proposition to others

Having had my own personal apps regularly featured on publications like Lifehacker, Android Police, XDA, the Guardian & even BBC News Online (once), and released apps that have gained 17k downloads in a month with a retention rate of over 50% - I'm hoping the things I've learned might help you realise your apps full potential, or at least give you a fighting chance!

Speaker: Rob Joseph

Rob has been developing Android apps since 2012. He's published over 20 apps to the Play Store throughout his career, had apps with 100's of 1000's of downloads & had apps featured in major publications like the Guardian, BBC News & Lifehacker.
While that all sounds impressive he still contracts to pay the bills... the life of an indie dev 🤓
You can find his portfolio at, find him on medium & all other social media @lowcarbrob


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Thank you to everyone at the Telegraph.