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What we’re about

Welcome to the Angel and Goddess Group! Are you ready for a Spiritual Adventure? Our Group is hosted by Susan Queen who is a Hypnotherapist and Reiki Master, and  metaphysical teacher. Group meetings and workshops feature fascinating and knowledgeable speakers on a variety of topics related to spiritual awareness, Angels, meditation intuition, metaphysics, energy healing, festivals, events and more adventures! Our intention is to raise our spiritual awareness and vibration, socialize with like minded people, and to open our hearts to the love of the universe. We are now in a world wide energy shift that is moving faster. This is happening to draw us toward our true divine nature, becoming one with spirit. The third dimension is thick and the curtain to the forth dimension is becoming thinner as we are increasingly merging with the fourth dimension. Strengthening our integrity and raising our spiritual energy is a priority now. We are learning the tools to move through the shift easier, which is a unbelievable gift and a honor to learn. Welcome and Angel Blessings ! ***Our Groups Guidelines*** We would like everyone to RSVP YES or Maybe. Please do not use NO it makes too many unwanted emails. Reserve yes only if you are truly committed to going to a event. We respect every one's right to have a safe atmosphere, a place to learn and express their spiritual feelings and experiences. Please leave all judgments behind you on this journey.

Everyone is Welcome.