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Everyone has angels! Whether you call them angels, spirit guides, helpers, messengers of God or your higher self, you can connect with this inner guidance to receive wisdom, insight and direction. Your angels are here to help you live your Life Purpose.

This Meetup is for people who already are, or who would like to communicate directly with their angels. Meet, share and fellowship with like-minded people! You will also experience techniques that will help you develop and trust your intuition! This is not a discussion group, but an organized, step- by-step process for spiritual and angelic discovery.

Learn to unfold your four spiritual gifts of inner hearing, inner seeing, feeling and knowing.

Connect with your angels for help in all areas of your life from helping you with career moves and finding or improving relationships. The more you do this, the more you will be in the right place at the right time and feel fulfilled.

Your Spiritual Helpers can help you clarify and live your life purpose. You will know what you truly need to be doing and the best way to do it.

When you pass on from the physical world your Angels will continue to help you. You will feel inner peace and security the more you consciously connect with your spiritual helpers.

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Communicate Consciously with Angels using Clear, Trusted Intuition - 1pm or 7pm

Boy, are we looking forward to this meet up event! It's been awhile, but we have been traveling and doing angel talks and workshops around the US and Canada. Thoughts of Florida have never been far away. So glad to be here to do these meet ups and connect with you! As some of you know, we have a personal team of angels with us on our journey. They help us in numerous ways, including in living our purpose. The more you learn about your spiritual helpers and connect clearly with them, the better your life unfolds. But, there is no need to take our word for it! As you practice the techniques shown in these events, you know for yourself you can connect directly. This event takes place twice on October 22, 2019. Learning about angels is practical and fun! So, enjoy this meetup where you will: ☆ Find out about your relationship with your personal team of angels and how to go deeper. ☆ Practice intuitive unfoldment techniques to connect with your angels. This way you can be tuning into your guides more often. ☆ Find out how to know for sure you are communicating with the crystal clear assistance of your inner guidance or angels. ☆ Delve into the four ways you communicate within yourself and with your angels. When you know your particular way of connecting, you have fewer doubts about what is coming from your angels. ☆ Practice tuning into your spiritual helpers and receiving an important insight each day using an exercise we’ll show you at the meet up. ☆ Hear about the three most important keys to experiencing clear angel communication. Your meet up hosts for this approximate 1 1/2 hour program are Estelle Small and Patrick Kilhenny. They have been communicating with angels for many years and enjoy helping others to connect consciously with their spiritual helpers. This meet up takes place twice on Tuesday, Oct. 22, 2019. You can attend at either 1 PM or 7 PM. Please RSVP on the meetup so we all know how many are attending. People will be coming to this event from other places in addition to this meet up. The fee is $15.00 The event takes place at the Best Western Hotel, 1800 Palm Beach Lakes. Following the event, you can take your insights and understandings further with additional sessions. You can make angel communication with angels and being in your niche a way of life. If you wish to contact us, please call[masked] or e-mail [masked] Best with your angels, Estelle and Patrick

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