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#ngHeidelberg v3 with Manfred Steyer: Architectures for huge apps
Free coffee, pizza and a special guest. Heidelberg's third Angular meetup is coming. 🚀Join for a great talk 🗣️ "Architectures for huge Angular based enterprise applications: npm Packages, Monorepos and Micro Apps", community updates and networking 🤝. Our speaker and special guest is Manfred Steyer who was recognized by Google as a Developer Expert (GDE) . #ngHeidelberg v3 - TALK: Architectures for huge Angular based enterprise applications: npm Packages, Monorepos and Micro Apps Nowadays, we build large enterprise applications with Angular. But how to best structure such projects to ensure long-term maintainability and reusability? This session provides multiple answers to this question. We explore how to split large projects into individually reusable npm packages and how to deploy them through an internal and public registry. As an alternative, we discuss the Monorepo approach that is used successfully by big companies like Google and Facebook and which compensates for some of the disadvantages of npm packages in internal projects. The use of micro apps is also discussed and implementation options, advantages and disadvantages are investigated. By the end the audience will know the options for architecting enterprise apps. The talk will be held in English. ABOUT MANFRED STEYER Manfred is a Trainer and Consultant with a focus on Angular. Google Developer Expert (GDE) who writes for O'Reilly, the Java Magazine and windows.developer. He also regularly speaks at conferences. In short, Manfred is one of the best presenters in the German-speaking world and you should not miss this opportunity! LOCATION We expect more guests than usual. So this time we are partnering with B_Fabrik Heidelberg ( Expect a very friendly and creative atmosphere at a coworking space. No need for a car, the location very near to the central station (Hauptbahnhof Heidelberg). Next tram stop is "Betriebshof". AGENDA 18:30 - Doors open 19:00 - Official beginning of the meeting 19:00 - 19:30 - Round of introductions, Community Updates 19:30 - 20:30 - 🗣️ Talk by Manfred 20:30 - 21:30 - 🍕 Evening meal (Pizza) & 🤝 Networking 21:30 - Official end of the meeting CATERING Coffee ☕ and water is for free (sponsored) at the bar. You can order other beverages from the bar, too. Everything which is not coffee or water must be paid on you own. Please DO NOT take a drink directly from the fridge! Always place you order to one of the B_Fabrik staff. Pizza 🍕comes for free, too. MORE There is WLAN available, but not electricity for everybody. You can bring your laptop with you, if you want. But you won't need it. A mobile phone might be useful, since you are encouraged to tweet with the hashtag #ngHeidelberg. Photography: Pictures will be taken. They will be added to and to social media platforms like twitter. If you don't agree to be photographed, please mention this to the organizer of the meeting (Johannes). We respect this and will not take a photo of you or anonymise the picture before publishing. The location has toilet facilities for men, women and wheelchair users. There are no gender neutral restrooms. The complete location is wheelchair accessible due to an elevator. CODE OF CONDUCT Please play fair. This is our code of conduct:


Bergheimer Straße 104 · Heidelberg

What we're about

Lets' start something great in Heidelberg. 🚀
Angular Heidelberg is the Angular meetup for the Rhein-Neckar area!

This meetup is all about the Angular framework (version 2+) by Google and all related technologies. Topics such as TypeScript, reactive programming and hybrid apps are what we face everyday.


Main topic is Angular. Angular on the client, Angular on the server, Angular as a hyprid/progressive/native app. Everything Angular.

Useful things to know:

• All meetings are located in Heidelberg. Hashtag: #ngHeidelberg
• Talks will be done in English; networking will be done in English, too.
• Talks should be short. 30-45 Minutes max.
• Everybody is encouraged to give a talk. You need help? Ask the organizer!
• Location will be at a coworking space (Fensterplatz Heidelberg) OR at the office of a sponsor.
• There will be coffee. ☕ For free.
• There will be pizza during the break. 🍕 Everybody loves pizza.
• Meetings will only occur if there are at least 10 participants registered. If there won’t be enough registrations, the meetup will be cancelled or postponed.

Searching for talents? Become a sponsor. Get in contact with us and host the next meetup! There will be developers around.


Angular Heidelberg ist das Angular Meetup für die Metropolregion Rhein-Neckar!

In diesem Meetup dreht sich alles um das Angular Framework (version 2+) von Google und alle damit verbundenen Technologien. Themen wie TypeScript, Reactive Programming und Hybrid Apps stehen bei uns auf der Tagesordnung. Die Hauptsprache dieser Meetup Gruppe ist englisch.

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