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What we’re about

This group is for people who LOVE animals and people and see the value that all beings have on the world.  It's a way to help animals in need and connect with like-minded people.

Animal Education and Rescue is a non-profit humane society for animals based in Lake County, Illinois.  You can learn all about about Animal Education and Rescue at

The new volunteer orientation that takes place once a month (in the calendar section) is the best way to learn more about us...our mission, goals and philosophies.  In the calendar section here we won't list all the volunteer opportunities because in order to volunteer a person needs to go through the orientation and training first.  The events listed here are the ones that are open to the general public.

Following is an e-mail we received recently that we replied to that I hope will help explain who we are a bit further.

Sandy: I joined your group to volunteer with animals. Then I saw you are asking $25 to learn about the group. I have volunteered with cats & dogs for 20+ years but I don't pay to do it & my efforts have been appreciated. I also noticed that it seems all of your events are about meditation. Animals help my spirit, but I am not interested in meditating. I am FAR too busy with crises to make appts to meditate & find some peace when I can find time to volunteer. My volunteering involved feeding, cleaning, checking on health & socializing with the animals. If you are only meditating, I don't think that is up my alley. And since I'm supporting 2 homes due to a smoker destroying my old home, I cannot afford to PAY to volunteer. Am I mis-understanding?? S.B.

Sandy W. Hi S.B, If you go to our web site at you can see all the various services we offer. Meet up is only a very, very small way to get people to learn about our organization. 99% is on our web site and shared at the new volunteer orientation. The meditation with dogs is a service to the public and is a fundraiser (a small one but is impactful because it helps people too). 

Unfortunately everything for us costs money ( as it is with any business...non profit or not) including the orientation. We have to pay for the room rental, the handouts as well as the t-shirt that we provide. As it says in the description on our web site if it is a hardship a person does not have to make a donation for the orientation. The concept is to help to defer costs of the evening so that we can instead use the money we would have to pay for the evening on running the organization...the largest expense being the animals in our care, especially the long term, special needs animals. (We are the only organization in the area that opens our hearts to disabled, senior and terminal animals.) 

 As much as you are looking for the right organization to volunteer for we too are looking for the right volunteers that would compliment and support our philosophies, services and beliefs. Thus the reason for the orientation where people can get to know us, and us them, to see if we are all a good fit for each other. We are, admittedly, a bit different than your average shelter or rescue, by our mission and our ways (meditation with dogs being one of those types of public services) but we are very proud of the niche we fill helping both animals AND people. 

If you choose to come to the orientation and you don't want to/can't help pay for the expenses the only thing we ask is that you pay for your t-shirt (there is no profit and we charge what the t-shirt costs us) in order to volunteer. That is $10.00. But that said keep in mind that we do not have a shelter and so what you described you wanted to do in your e-mail is more so what maybe a shelter would offer as far as volunteer, thus the reason for the orientation with us so you can learn what roles volunteers play with us. 

There are many opportunities to volunteer with animals but we also help people. If you don't want to help/work with people and only want to work with animals we are probably not your type of organization. If you have any other questions feel free to ask. 

 Have a great day, Sandy