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Join your fellow female fans for a friendly, low-key and open meetup! We are yaoi, yuri, and het-friendly; here's your chance to get together with your fellow fen and talk about fanfiction, fanart, manga, RP, or anything else that strikes your fancy!

This is an open group for adult female fans to talk about their favorite fandoms and anime, no matter what they might be. No members under 18, please. All others are welcome!

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October Anime Potluck

My Place

Once again, it's time for anime, snacks and good company! We are watching one ongoing series: Golden Kamuy, and the second season of One Punch Man! After that, we will watch whatever bring, so please bring your favorite anime to share. The usual things to remember: we can't watch a whole series in a few hours, so we'll probably only watch a few episodes of any one thing, depending on what the most people want to see. So make sure to speak up if you like something! And please feel free to bring drinkables and/or snacks to share with your fellow fans--women cannot live by anime alone, after all. Again, we are further south, so my apologies to any of our more northerly folk; we do have people willing to carpool, however, so don't be afraid to ask. And as always, if anyone wants to offer alternate locations, I'm always open to new options... That's it for now--I hope to see you all there!

Geekgirlcon 2019

The Conference Center

Quick update: since the schedule isn't up yet, details about when and where we will be meeting up will change. Watch this space! This is a general meetup and message space for Geekgirlcon, in case meetup members wanted to meet each other for lunches, particular panels or other special events. I will be holding down the fort for an hour or so in the main lobby each morning, so we can meet up and plan our con--if people want to set up times to get together for lunch or dinner, or even just to go to panels together, this is definitely the place to do it. Geekgirlcon is a great time to meet fellow fans of all stripes, after all! Here is the schedule for the con, so that everyone can see what kind of fun can be had: http://geekgirlcon.com/ Feel free to leave messages here if you want to get together with other members for specific panels or events. I hope everyone has tons of fun!

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August Anime Potluck

My Place

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