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ANUBHUTI---Spirituality lies in ordinariness.Come and experience the Truth with the help of self enlightened facilitator who has the path and experience to share with you for your self realisation. Self enlightenment is not an object or a subject which can be given or told, it can only be experienced.We believe not just in words or philosophies but in experiencing (Anubhuti).We believe that each soul is pure and has inherent knowledge. Knowledge is revealed by the deep silence within. Anubhuti creates possibilities for this revelation to happen through understanding and practices e.g. we help you for your chakral growth from 4-5" to 20-24" or more, to clear all negative psychic impressions from primeval time etc. which facilitates the awakening of kundalini to full enlightenment . We also correct kundalini syndrome and help to clear the path for the ultimate journey.

Anubhuti organizes healing workshops and retreats which provide physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and financial stability.

One of the unique programmes of Anubhuti is 365 days meditation in which we facilitate every seeker to meditate from their own home by connecting to the living Master to experience life beyond physical self. Wonderful experiences like solutions to problems,stability in various aspects of life, miraculous healings, astral travelling, premonitions etc have been experienced and observed by seekers throughout the world.

Anubhuti supports HIV+kids, orphans,slum children and destitute women.

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