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WebAssembly beyond Blazor for .NET Developers

iPaper A/S

As a .NET Developer, you properly know WebAssembly from the Blazor Web Framework, but there is more to it than just Blazor to explore (aka this talk is NOT about Blazor)…

WebAssembly is going to be the next big thing in software development. It will allow us to develop more reusable code across programming stacks. It will enable us to deploy smaller packages and it will allow us to deploy more securely.

This talk by Joshua Ryder (https://topswagcode.com/about/) will focus on the view of a .NET developer using WebAssembly in their projects. Client-side, Server side and as plugins. (The future is here 😉)

Agenda for the day

  • Welcome @ iPaper
  • Talk by Joshua (~1 hour)
  • Food 😋
  • Network and open-space: Future of the web as a .NET developer?
  • … see you next time

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