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Hacking Web applications; common issues and exploits

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Mogens Heller G.


SQL injection, session hijacking, password harvesting, cross site scripting, authentication/authorization, data harvesting, remote code execution, etc., etc., etc. protecting a web application is a non-trivial task! However, it is crucial to understand that any application we expose to the internet will be fingerprinted, categorized, and indexed by hostile organizations within minutes.

In this session, we will investigate the most common security issues related to web development focusing on the .NET platform. Throughout the session, we will address risk assessment, practical exploitation, and issue mitigation in order to get familiar with the Hacker, since understanding the adversary is vital when building a strong defense.


This presentation will be held by Mikkel Rømer, who works at Deloitte Denmark in their Cyber Security department.


Our host, Ditmer, will sponsor food & beverages 🍍🙏

Mariane Thomsens Gade 2F · Aarhus
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