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What we’re about

Welcome to the Auckland Anxiety Social Group and thanks for taking the time to find out about us. 

The following is some brief information to help you decide whether this group is for you.  If you have any questions you'd like answered before joining, please email the organiser through this site.

All of us are average people who experience some kind of anxiety and find it hard to discuss these issues in normal life. This is a place where you can form friendships and find support with people who understand what you are goin g through.

The group aim is foremost friendship and fun.  Our activities may include: games, cafe visits, bush walks, dinners, movies etc, as well as focused meetings where we can discuss our challenges, or even meetings that include guest speakers. The people in this group are just everyday people looking for connections with others that have similar problems. 

Our members' issues can range from (but are not limited to): mild to chronic anxiety, social phobia, depression, physical limitations (e.g. M.E & fibro), as well as those whose anxieties etc have arisen from traumatic events such as loss of a loved one, divorce, discrimination, stress or illness.    

If you think this is for you and you wish to join, please go ahead and click the "Join Us" button near the top of the page.  

We look forward to having you as part of our group :)

Please Note: 

    This group is for adults only, so you have to be over 18 years old to join.

    To help protect members' privacy, most details of this meetup group have been hidden from public view.  

    This is first and foremost a friendship group.  It is not the intention of the group to replace professional therapy as there are no counsellors in the group.  If you are currently under psychiatric care, you need to consult your doctor before joining. 

    Please answer the profile questions as honestly as you can, but note your answers are visible to other group members.  

    If you are a therapist/guru looking to drum up clientele, or looking to use this group as a pet project, please refrain from attempting to join.  Members are free to decide for themselves what is best for them.