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Bay Area Anything Active is a Meetup group focused on anything that makes you move! Hiking, bicycling, camping, backpacking, running, kayaking, swimming, surfing, rock climbing, bouldering, bungee jumping, mountaineering, sports—if it can be done with a group, it can be done with BAAA!

For some events, you may be advised and expected to have a certain level of physical ability and stamina to participate in the activity. There are inherent risks with any active sport or activity. By participating in Bay Area Anything Active events, you agree that you are solely responsible for your own safety at all times. You are solely responsible for preparing for events you attend and having the skill sets required for any activity.

Attendance Policy
Please RSVP to events only if you plan on attending. Be sure to update your RSVP if your attendance plans change, and avoid last-minute changes whenever possible.

3 Strikes for No Shows: Members who RSVP yes and do not show up to 3 events may be subject to removal and/or banning from the group.

Dog/Pet Policy
With the exception of service animals which are always welcome, dogs are permitted at events only if expressly permitted by the event host. For the safety and comfort of members, dogs should be leashed at all times.

Child Policy
There are no special accommodations made for kids (i.e., they need to keep up... although a lot of times we are the ones who need to keep up with them :) It is your responsibility to read the event description and decide whether the activity is suitable for your kids.

RSVP Limit for Some Events
RSVP limits are at the discretion of the event organizer. Big groups can be hard to manage and at times not all that fun for organizers and attendees alike. Please respect the RSVP limit and understand that organizers are volunteers - events have to be fun for us or else we have no reason to keep doing this.

Gender/Age Preference for Some Events
Some events may be tailored to a specific gender/age range (e.g., a women-only backpacking trip or a 20's and 30's hike). This makes it easier for members to meet fellow adventurers who share similar interests. BAAA was founded with members of a 20- and 30-somethings hiking group in the East Bay, but we have since expanded to become a comprehensive activities group.

Fee-Based Events
Most events are free of charge, and our preference is to keep them that way. Meetup events with fees are allowed only when the fee is justified (to cover reservations, gear rental, etc.). Event hosts are not compensated for their time organizing and leading events; they are 100% volunteers.

No Soliciting
Please do not promote your business/ product/ service/ fundraiser or fee-based event of any kind to group members or organizers. This restriction includes yoga classes, climbing workshops, salsa lessons, run/walk fundraisers, product/app launches, etc. Anything and everything that is promotional is not appropriate for this group. We encourage all members to suggest and host events, but if you keep suggesting promotional events or discussions you will be banned from the group. The group does not accept sponsorships and does not promote any products, services, or causes. There is absolutely NO marketing to members—no exceptions. Organizers will not answer soliciting messages.

If you have questions about an upcoming event, please contact the event's host/organizer. If you have general questions about BAAA, please contact Alina. Thank you!

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Evening hike in the El Cerrito hills

El Cerrito Natural Hillside Area

Grab a flashlight and join us on a hike in the El Cerrito hills. Fingers crossed for a clear evening so we can watch the sunset from the trails. Hike - About 2 hrs, 3 mi, 800 ft elev gain, on some fairly steep trails and sidewalks. We should be back at the cars about 8:30 (after dark). If you hiked with me before you know we tend to go slower than most exercise meetup groups so we can enjoy the scenery and the conversation. Fast hikers are welcome to join, all I ask is that you please wait at all trail junctions and be patient with those of us who may need longer breaks than you do. Rain - we will hike in fog and drizzle, but rain postpones the hike. IF needed, I will post a weather update the day before. Bring - water for you and your pooch if (s)he's coming, layers, sturdy hiking shoes, snacks to fuel along the way if you wish, and a headlamp/ flashlight/ flashlight app. Restrooms - Sorry but there are no restrooms by the meeting spot or anywhere else along our route. Plan ahead. Dogs - You can bring dogs, but please keep Fido on leash at all times. Not everyone in the group is comfortable around dogs. Plus this is an urban hike. I worry about the dog running off into the street. Kids - You can always bring kids on my hikes. I trust that you read the event description and can tell whether this would be a fun experience for yours. Waitlist and Attendance Note - If you sign up to attend, you are counted on to show up. If plans change, please update your RSVP and give at least 24hr notice so others can take your spot. If you're on the waitlist, it's on you to pay attention to meetup emails/ notifications so you know if you're bumped up. Chronic no-shows will be removed from the group. RSVPs close the night before because I don't want people from the waitlist to be automatically bumped up to 'going' when there is a last-minute cancellation. More often than not, the folks bumped up on short notice end up no-showing through no fault of their own. Please text/ pm me if there is a last-minute open spot and you want to come. Questions? As always, my number is posted by the event location. Please pm/ text/ call ahead of time should you have any questions about our hike. Phone help is not available if you're late and the hike started already. We leave on time. MEETING SPOT AND DIRECTIONS We will meet at entrance to the El Cerrito Natural Hillside Area. There is free street parking on Schmidt Lane. Please be realistic about traffic and give yourself 5 extra min to park and find the group. Please look up directions ahead of time so you can be on time. We leave at the posted start time.

Flowers + Bridge + Monsters + Sheep + Skies
Needs a date and time

Anza Borrego Desert State Park

Date: Saturday-Sunday Arrival: 9:00 AM @ Anza Borrega State Park Visitor Center Departure: 10:00 AM on Monday Hike: 10-20 Miles (varies w/temperature) Difficulty: Beginner - Intermediate Okay...we've been having some snarly rain these past months and quite frankly I am getting a bit tired of it. That's about to change?! Somewhere south of here...a superbloom is taking place and I don't want to be the only person missing this. What is a superbloom or a bloom anyways? Well, in this instance...it refers to a special desert like area where rains do not come often and when it does. Flowers that are dormant start to grow and in this case...the overwhelming amount of rain we've been receiving as resulted in enough water to have these flower bloom to its fullest and the expected peak is within somewhere in the middle of march. The drive is long, the sun is in full array and I'm just quenching for not thirst but pictures and the once in a rare occasion to surround myself with a sight that can only be seen only documentary. During the day, we will be traversing as much ground as possible in hunt of all the 100+ monster statues that are in the park while taking in the beauty of the bloom. If we are lucky enough somewhere during our trip. The sight of the bighorn sheep are something to glare at and a symbol of the south. During night, the desert heat will start to dissipate as we start to cool down and finally sip away on tea as the clarity of the night skies become more apparent. This trip is long and will probably stretch into Monday but I am hoping to leaving Monday morning right away before 10:00 AM to make it home before night and get some rest. Recommended Gear: 1. Water bottle 2. Sleeping Bag 3. Tent (optional) 4. Boots + Sunscreen 5. Cash for food 6. Camera! to photograph your life's moment 7. Positive attitude REMINDER: A DATE WILL BE POSTED IF THERE ARE ENOUGH INTEREST AND IF SOMEONE WOULD BE WILLING TO LEAD.

Winter Exploration: Yosemite Valley + Falls
Needs a date and time

Needs a location

When: February something? Where: Yosemite Valley National Park (Campsite 4) Time: Saturday - Sunday (6:00 - 20:00) Distance: 3-5 miles Duration: 4-5 hours for Saturday // 6-7 hours for Sunday Difficulty: Beginner // Intermediate Elev. Gain: 2000 ft for Sunday Event Detail: Keep in mind that this event is still in the planning process and that means any ideas are welcome. SATURDAY: The idea is for the group to explore much of Yosemite Valley floor on foot and that means that there will be a lot of walking on foot in the snow if there are any by the time we visit. Starting from our campsite, we will make our way across to the other side of the merced river via the "Swinging Bridge". One across we will walk a little further past the road (South Side Drive) over to a trail where we will continue our hike. From here, we will hike via parallel to the road along the trail til we reach our first destination which is the tiny chapel. From the chapel, we will make our way back across the merced river via unknown trail. If the trail inaccessible, we will take an alternative route via the sentinel bridge. Keep in mind there is a huge photo opportunity at the unknown trail (walk ramp). Its here that you are free to spend some time getting that perfect shot. Going along the ramp, we will eventually reach the other side. From here, we will take a slight detour to the right and pass an empty amphitheater and awesome bridge towards the house keeping camp. From the house keeping camp, we will retrace our steps back to the road and check-in with the everyone. If everyone agrees from here, we can continue our hike towards Mirror Lake via trail along the back of the visitor center. We will take a lunch break here and afterwards...we will head over to lower Yosemite falls. Before reaching the falls, we will do a drop in at the village store on our way to the falls. If you forgot something, need something in addition to what you have or just want a nice hot cocoa. You are more than welcome to do so at this time. After exploring the lower Yosemite falls...we will make our way back to camp. SUNDAY: Let's try to start our hike at 7:30 in the morning or at least that is the idea. I want to start early and have enough time to really get as far as we can as a group to the top of Nevada Fall via the winter route. I am guessing this will be a 5-6 hour hike therefore the early departure is necessary for us. I really want to get back before the sun set or at least make it back to the bay area before 8 or 9 pm. After party get together for those that would like to get together in downtown Oakland. We will gather at one of the local spot and have a nice toast (this includes dinner...lol) to a great start of a fabulous year. Hopefully by the time we do visit the park that there is still plenty of snow left for us to squash around. Recommended Gear: 1. Tent + Tarp 2. Sleeping bag 3. Winter clothing (layer clothing) + wool socks 4. Waterproof boot/shoes if not have a backup shoe available. 5. Crampon (less than $20 dollars on Amazon) 5. Food for yourself or some extra to share w/other 6. CASH ($6 dollars = campsite fee // $10 firewood fee Unless there is a snowstorm, rain or thunderstorm...this event will go! Your event organizer, Seng G. P.S. You know yourself better than I do, hiking around snows require effort! Depending on the trail itself at times, crampons may be required if not...you will need to either head back the same way you came up or try to risk it and continue with the group. Again...you are an adult and you can make your own decision. I will admit there are some adherent risk with hiking on ice/snow trail/pave road. There will be a chance where one may slip and fall and that is common even for myself.

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Claremont Canyon sunset hike

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