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What we’re about

As data science becomes more common, the importance of data integration is being reaffirmed.
Even in the collection of open data, if it is distributed, integration requires tools rather than manual work.
The purpose of the user group is to share information between developers and users, and to make data integration easily available to everyone.
In Japan, there are multiple character codes.
It is also not easy to convert existing Gaiji (end-user-defined characters).
As APAC, we would like to focus on the CJKV issue as well.
Apache HOP is a forked version of Kettle, and Kettle is Pentaho Data Integration in Pentaho.
Apache HOP has many additional features compared to Kettle, such as configuration management and a pluggable runtime engine.
Let's keep adding useful features to make Apache Hop usable by everyone.
Apache HOPはKettleをフォークしたもので、KettleはPentahoのData Integrationです。
Apache HOPは、Kettleに比べて、構成管理やプラグインできるランタイムエンジンなど、多くの機能が追加されています。
これからも便利な機能を追加して、誰もが使えるApache Hopにしていきましょう。