What we're about

Learn about the Benefits of Apartment (Multi-Family) Investing including:

  • Cash Flow
  • Appreciation
  • Tax Savings
  • Diversification
  • Uplifting Communities

Also Learn About the 3 ways to invest:

1. Passive Investing - Earn a great return by leveraging the work of others
2.Buying your Own Deals
3.Being a GP or Co-GP and 5-20X-ing your Money

And Learn How to Get Started in the Apartment Investing Business.

No experience required everyone is welcome.

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Rat Race 2 Retirement - March 24 to 26!

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Here’s what you’ll learn to our upcoming R2R 2023:

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> The 3-step wealth formula never taught in school, that only millionaires know
> Brad’s 3 little known rules to retiring early
> Brad’s own proven 12-step apartment buying process that will remove the fear of investing
> The special way Brad analyzes deals to let buyers know if it is worth doing or not & what the potential profit could be
> How to hire property managers that will take responsibility for collecting rent, leasing out units, take care of the day to day operations for you
> The simple way to get deals financed by utilizing Brad’s extensive network of skilled investors
> In depth analysis of properties owned by Brad & his students
> How to avoid common rookie investor mistakes & invest like a seasoned pro
> How to use a self directed IRA to invest & potentially make double-digit returns
> Exactly what to do to get started right NOW & so much more!

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