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What we’re about

For kayakers in and around the Fox Valley area .
If you are looking to get out and meet others that share your passion for kayaking and canoeing, join Fox Valley Kayakers. Together we can explore the Fox Valley area waterways. Everyone is welcome to join, no matter how much experience you have.
We encourage you to be aware of your ability when signing up for a paddle. You are responsible for your safety. You are encourage to wear a PFD and possibly a helmet.

Stewardship of our waterways is important. Do not liter, respect landowners property and clean up liter when possible.

If you have any questions or concerns, call or email the leadership team. We are happy to meet new people that share our passion. Our goal is to bring kayakers and canoers together to socialize, educate and have fun.

We welcome you to join the Fox Valley Kayakers. If you chose to do so, we request a photo and your name so that our event host can identify you. This will assist the event host and other participants when you attend the event.

- Martin

**Labels below can be used to describe your paddling level**

Beginner = paddles under 10 miles, no obstacles anticipated, current favorable, water temperatures favorable

Intermediate = paddles 10+ miles, possible obstacles or stronger currents. Water temps may be low if early season date.

Advanced = paddles 10+ miles, &/or challenging currents or conditions (weather, water temps, etc.). May also include multiple day trips with camping.

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