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What we’re about

Glad to meet you and hope to see you at our meetups!

Take a little time for yourself and turn-off the phone... forget the calendar... put aside your responsibilities... find your calm… and introduce yourself to a satisfying adventure that leads to greater awareness, fitness, and self defense.

In addition to ongoing classes, we also sponsor free meetups on Sunday's at Bear Creek Park in Surrey. Everyone is welcome.

Contact Sifu John Spak, the event organizer, if you would like to meetup at another time for a one on one information session, or for a free introductory class instead.

This group is about a historic martial art that produced a long line of valiant heroes - it was called "Longfist." You can still find it embodied fully in the Chaquan system. As an aside, important aspects of it were taken long ago to form the basis of what became Baguazhang, and Taji which we also practice. In short, we practice the complete art of "Longfist". It is peerless for self-defense but also for self-development and the cultivation of life energy. This is our focus.

At the meetup we will be practicing some fundamental movements and exercises that are beneficial for one's mind and body. We can talk about how they relate to self defense too. You can follow along, share your questions and comments. Ask the Sifu anything you like, and feel free to inquire about detailed coaching and a more comprehensive program if you are interested in excelling in martial arts.

We meet and train in the freshness of the outdoors so come prepared.

Coaching and instruction is offered by sifu John Spak. Our sifu has almost 50 years of martial arts experience, has trained extensively with the "old generation" of masters from throughout China, Tiawan, and North America. Sifu is one of Vancouver's most senior experts in the arts of Baguazhang and Chaquan (Longfist.)

Location: Bear Creek Park - 88th Ave and King George Hwy, Surrey, BC

Time: 2:00pm For inquiries: Everyone welcome!


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