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This group is about the martial arts of Bagua Zhang and Cha Quan.

Come prepared to train in the freshness of the outdoors and to delve into some of the ideas and methods behind these styles of Kung Fu.

Throughout history they have been used to cultivate many of the natural sources of life, energy, and activities that give us strength and character.

Their practice is a kind of "physical culture" that originated in China hundreds of years ago and has developed extensively throughout the world since then.

These martial arts have a unique focus on composure, responsiveness, fitness, and applications for self-defence. Movement is continuous and explosive. Agility, flow, and power are the traditional trademarks of these styles. Techniques encompass long, mid, and close quarters combat including strikes, locks, throws, redirection of forces, and include many uniquely brilliant self-defence concepts.

Overall we strive, through evidence based research, to train according to the same practices as used by the legendary masters who created our Kung Fu to begin with.

For example "Baguazhang" (the main style at our club) is taught in conjunction with "Longfist" just as Dong Hai Chuan - this styles creator did.

Research shows that he did this for a reason, and we think it is essential to follow what we know of his actual training method.

Our meetups are a great opportunity to learn something (actively) about the martial arts of Baguazhang and Cha Quan (Zhaquan).

Detailed coaching and instruction is offered by Sifu John Spak. John has almost 40 years of martial arts experience, has trained extensively with "old generation" masters of these arts from throughout China and Tiawan, and is one of Vancouver's most senior experts in the arts of Bagua Zhang and Cha Quan (Zhaquan.)

Location: Bear Creek Park (88th & King George in Surrey - near the edge of the track)

Time: Sunday's at 2:00pm

For inquiries: email johnspak@fistsofmysteryandtruth.com (johspak@fistsofmysteryandtruth.com)

Everyone welcome!

No charge the first time - $20.00 per session after that.

Visit us at: www.fistsofmysteryandtruth.com (http://www.fistsofmysteryandtruth.com/)

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