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Mahjong playing in China can be dated back to ancient times. It has developed into many different ways of playing among Chinese inside or outside China nowadays, and a popular game when family and friends get together. One may have heard about Taiwanese, Mainland, HK, Singaporean or even Japanese styles that can be totally different in their ways of playing as well as winning.
That's what makes playing mahjong interesting and fun - the immense flexibility. It's a game that can also be comparable to Bridge, Just Made is one of important things to bear in mind when playing. To win, you need to play with changing strategies along the way, particularly for Cantonese(HK) mahjong.
Sadly or not, playing mahjong has been involved with money, or even gambling, over its long history of development. But i just want people to appreciate it as an interesting game developed uniquely out of the Chinese culture. Therefore in this group we will just play without money involved. Instead, the winner can be prized.
As i found that many non Chinese may have been playing it online and are interested in learning and playing, i would welcome any such persons/beginners to join this group.
And in this group we will play in HK style mainly.

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