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What we’re about

Our Mission
a Shaman's Love (@wakeupwithlynn) is dedicated to accelerating and supporting the awakening of humanity.

Lynn Tirado is a Spiritual Mentor, Shamanic Healer, Reiki Master, and founder of a Shaman's Love. Through the advancement of her own spiritual, conscious and personal evolution, she shares healing and transformative wisdom teachings, meditations, shamanic journeys, medicine songs, and more to accelerate your own conscious awakening and personal evolution.

Shift the way you perceive yourself, live your life, relate to others, and improve every aspect of your life.

This group provides a safe, supportive, and accepting space where individuals who are passionate about exploring, growing, and evolving spiritually can meet other heart-based individuals to foster deep personal connection, healing, and transformational alchemy.

With open minds and open hearts, together we explore ways of strengthening and expanding our divine qualities of love, wisdom, power, wholeness, service, freedom, harmony, mercy, forgiveness, hope, and joy.

Our Agreements
We agree to treat each other with kindness and respect. We agree to listen in noble silence with compassion and attention. We agree to speak with clear intention. We agree to honor each other’s unique ways to healing and don’t presume to advise or fix or try to save each other. We agree to trust that each of us has the guidance we need within us and we rely on the power of silence to access it. We agree to tend to the well-being of all.

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