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Welcome to the Asian Dining and Adventure Group. We're an inclusive community of people who love to celebrate Asian heritage, culture, people, and food. If any of that sounds like you, we hope to see you at an event soon.

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The Group rules can be found at: Asian Dining And Adventure Group Rules

Upcoming events (4+)

Montgomery County Agricultural Fair

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What would summer be without visiting a local county fair? Not one that we would be excited about, that's for sure. If you feel the same way and are in the area, come join us for some weeknight fun as we visit the Montgomery County Agricultural Fair and as many of the food stands, animal exhibits, carnival rides, etc. as we can squeeze into one evening! To see a full list of what to expect there, peruse the website:


Tickets can be purchased below, but be sure to read all instructions carefully so that you best know which tickets to purchase:


Some options to consider:

General admission is $12 online and $15 at the door. This gets you into the fair and lets you walk around, look at some animals, and maybe see a free show or two, but everything else will cost additional money.

You can opt to purchase a carnival ride wristband which is $25 online up to August 12, and is $35 afterwards. You can also just pay for ride tickets, but essentially, if you plan on riding 4 or more rides, it works out to be better to just get a $25 wristband. As a result, as you RSVP, we'll ask you to indicate if you plan to purchase this wristband or not so that we know if people generally plan to go on rides or have other attractions in mind. This may help others make decisions.

For parking, it is $10 to park onsite or you can park at the Lakeforest Mall and take a free shuttle over. It's up to you, but the weather might be a factor. You don't have to decide until the day of the event.

Note that according to their site, there are no refunds on anything purchased, so plan to go if you get tickets/wristbands. In the very least, I (Ryan) will be there.

Also, the day we are going may offer discounts to those of you who are or have been in the military, so peruse the website if that applies to you.

This venue is open to 11 PM the night we are going, so we should have plenty of time for just about anything we want to do.

If you can make it, come join us and bring a friend to share!
If you have Instagram, you can check out our account at asiandiningandadventuregroup for photos and announcements of group outings!

Asia Collective Night Market

Needs a location

Many of us are in agreement that we could use a good Asian night market in our lives now and then, which prompted our interest in giving the Asia Collective Night Market a visit. With over 40 Asian food vendors and well as music, performances, and other activities; there will certainly be plenty of attractions for everyone to choose from. Here is the link to the Eventbrite page where you can grab a $10 ticket (an additional $10 parking ticket also required per car):


Please pay attention to all venue rules and refund policies to minimize the inconveniences that would keep you from enjoying your visit. (corporate disclaimer alert!)

More than most events, this is one where the Meetup message board will be the best tool for helping us to connect with each other, so if you're looking for the organizers, check it early and often!

As always, we may have to shift the time a little if rain is a factor, but in general, at least some contingent of us will probably attend as long as the event is still on, so check back for weather updates leading up to the event.

As if things couldn't get more exciting, this will be a joint Meetup event with our friends at "Young Asian Social"!
If you have Instagram, you can check out our account at asiandiningandadventuregroup for photos and announcements of group outings!

Mandarin Chinese/English Language Exchange

Needs a location

Welcome to our Meetup series for Mandarin Chinese/English Language Exchange! These meetups will be intended for serious language learners who are at least at a conversational level in the language they wish to practice. We'll have a variety of activities targeted at fostering some significant practice time and perhaps have a little bit of cultural exchange along the way. Note: this is not designed for beginning learners, though we may be able to give you resources if you so desire for starting your language journey.

As always, we ask that you make a decision with your RSVP by 1 PM the day of the meetup, so as to give others a chance to attend if you can't make it.

For today's session:

We will be on the third floor of the Tyson's Galleria (Tyson's II) in the Taste of Urbanspace food court.

For the first half hour or so, as people gather and find food/seats, talk freely to each other and try to introduce yourself with everyone in the language you're practicing. Try, also, to sit with others who you don't know as well, especially if they are fluent in the language you are looking to practice.

Once we come back together, take turns at the table allowing everyone to answer the following prompts:

First, in English: Talk about your favorite Apop (American pop) group, what your favorite songs are, and where you have been or might go to see them in concert, if possible.

Then, in Mandarin: What are some of your favorite outdoor activities? Where do you like to go and with whom to enjoy the outdoors?

After the activity above, feel free to continue practicing in conversation as you wish, but if so inclined, try one of the activities below:


A.) Two truths and a lie about your place of birth......take turns giving 2 true statements and 1 false statement about where you were born or are from and allow others to guess which statement is false

B.) Word association......start by naming a common word and go around the table as long as you can with each person giving a word (in the language that you're practicing) that is COMMONLY associated with the previous word given. If the group calls you out, be ready to defend your answer.

C.) Story time.......start off telling the first sentence of a story and go around the table letting each person add a line to the story until you reach the end...or a breaking point.

Board games or another adventure may break out afterwards if the group is so inclined. Bring some if you wish.

If you have Instagram, you can check out our account at asiandiningandadventuregroup for photos and announcements of group outings!

Cirque Du Soleil: Kurios

Needs a location

Cirque du Soleil is back in town after its pandemic hiatus with a new show: Kurios! This is a fantastic acrobatic performance for anyone who is an aficionado of such shows. Tickets are variable, but the ones we will go for will be in the $80 to $100 range, if possible. We are going to the 4:30 show on 9/11, so meet us at the venue at 4 PM, especially if you have tickets with our group.

If you want tickets with us: I (Ryan) will be ordering them this week, so arrange payment with me of $100 by Wednesday, August 10th. If we are fortunate enough to have unused funds after all taxes, fees, surcharges, etc. I will return the unused portion.

If you wait until after this Wednesday, but still want to come, you are free to pursue tickets on your own or with whomever you can bring as accompaniment. Tickets can be found at the following amongst other places:


Be sure you are purchasing for 4:30 PM on 9/11.

Please be sure to observe all other show and venue rules!

As always, another adventure may follow after the show.
If you have Instagram, you can check out our account at asiandiningandadventuregroup for photos and announcements of group outings!

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Turkish Cuisine at Yayla Bistro

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